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New Delhi: The UK has added AstraZeneca Coveshield to its list of approved vaccines for government-19.
However, so far this has not translated into relief for isolation from India under the relaxed rules from October 4 on a fully vaccinated (with WHO-approved govshield).
India’s Government of England has expressed doubts over the vaccination certification process. For this reason, the completely illiterate (even with GovShield) from India must be excluded from the non-red list of countries in force from 4 October in the UK or looser rules for the rest of the world.
India and the UK are no longer on the UK Red List, after confusion among Indian travelers refusing to loose terms. India has warned against similar measures.
UK High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis said: “We know GovShield is not a problem. Great Britain is open to travel. This is about 30% more than last year. We want to make the travel process as easy as possible. . ”

“We have had extensive technical discussions regarding certification with both CoWIN application developers and NHS processors in both applications. They are moving at a brisk pace to ensure that both countries recognize each other’s vaccination certificates.” Alice said.

The UK government website in an update on Wednesday mentioned CoveShield as one of the list of approved vaccines. However, a spokesman for the British High Commission in Delhi said this Monday: “We are working with the Indian government to find out how vaccine certification validation in the UK can be extended to people who need to be in India.” Vaccinated by the relevant public health organization.

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The UK government announcement said: “From 4am on 4 October you will have unlimited immunization rights if you have been vaccinated: abroad under an approved immunization program in the UK, Europe, US or UK; Oxford/ Starting at 4 a.m. on October 4th with a full course from Estroneca, Pfizer Bioendec, Moderna or Johnson’s, if you’re in Barbados, Bahrain, Brunei, Canada, Dominica, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, you’ll get the full , Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea or Taiwan have been vaccinated; the 4 listed vaccines in development such as AstraZeneca Covishield, AstraZeneca Vaxjeveria and Modern Takeda are considered approved vaccines. Upon your arrival in the UK You must have completed a full study of approved vaccines at least 14 days before.
A spokesperson for the UK High Commission in Delhi said on Monday that the UK is committed to reopening international travel as soon as possible and that the announcement will allow people to travel freely, safely, safely and while protecting public health. The next step is to help. We are working with the Government of India to examine how recognition of a certificate of vaccine in the UK can be extended to individuals who have been vaccinated in India by a relevant public health organization.
On 17 September, the UK announced a new travel system that included a Red List and other parts of the world. The new rules will apply to the rest of the world in the UK from 4 October. But the situation is the same for Indians, when India was changed from red to amber.
India was re-listed on April 23, 2021, during Britain’s disastrous second wave. This means that Indian citizens are not allowed to enter the UK. Also, certain categories that are excluded from the categories, such as UK citizens/residents leaving India, must self-isolate in a hotel for 10 days upon arrival in the UK.
By 8 August, India was changed from red to amber list. This means: Visas from India to the UK are open (except for other visas (open long-term visas); travelers arriving in the UK can complete a 10-day isolation at home or where they are staying ( There is no mandatory isolation in managed hotels); as part of the “Voluntary Test to Release” program, you can pay for a private government-19 test on the 5th day of isolation. If the decision is negative, they may end his isolation,” a spokesman said in August.
Visa applications from Indian travelers for all categories are being processed continuously and you do not need to be vaccinated to travel to the UK.
Whatever your vaccination status, travelers arriving from India should be tested before departure, and Covit-19 should be taken on the 2nd day after the 1st and 8th day and kept in isolation for 10 days. Under the Start Service Test, passengers can reduce their home isolation by about 5 days.

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