UK coronavirus live: second wave to get more ‘frustrated’ in winter, Downing Street insists locks won’t be extended 2


The second coronavirus wave will “become violent professionally and personally” with prolonged stress in the winter, doctors in the UK have been warned.

The NHS chief and four British medical officers have written to doctors urging them to congress for an “extended” Covid-19 outbreak throughout the winter.

Healthcare professionals need to be flexible, who have been warned in their letter to “work in unfamiliar situations or surroundings or in clinical areas outside of their normal practice”.

Boris Johnson’s official spokesman told a Westminster briefing that the England lockdown would not be extended next month. He emphasized: “Once the current national initiatives are completed on December 2, we will return to a regional level.

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Healthcare workers may have to work outside of their own field

The letter to physicians states that staff shortages will inevitably increase stress due to illness or caring responsibilities, and assures them that regulators will consider the need for temporary changes to practice.

Healthcare professionals need to be flexible, which “can work in or around unfamiliar situations or work outside of their normal practice in the clinical area” which can cause stress.

All physicians are expected to follow GMC guidelines and hospital, trust and healthcare leaders “to ensure that clinicians must deviate as much as possible from established methods to care for patients in the most challenging epidemic situation”.


Doctors warned of winter stress as ‘depressing’

The second wave of Covid-19 will narrow with prolonged increased pressure in the winter, UK doctors have been warned.

The chief medical officers of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the NHS, the General Medical Council and the Medical Royal Colleges have written to doctors to be flexible during the second wave, which may require them to work in clinical areas outside. Their normal practice.

The letter, tweeted by England’s CMO, Professor Chris Whitty, said the second coveted wave could be prolonged throughout the winter, requiring continuous response from the entire profession, including wide local variations and fluctuations in the field.

“It will be professional and personally serious.”


Despite the positive test I am AJ Pritchard for moving forward with a celebrity

AJ Pritchard says he’ll “must” go into the castle this Sunday when I’m a celebrity … get me out of here! Started on ITV.

In a report addressed to former strict professionals, he tested positive for Covid-19, while speaking to the press before launching the new Wales-based series.

He said: “When I was separated, I tested positive for Covid early on.

“Thanks, I can say that I had two negative tests for the coronavirus and I will definitely enter the castle when I start it.

“For me, thanks to ITV and the whole team for providing security for their staff and celebrities, that’s why we’re isolated.

“It’s been two weeks since I’ve been separated. I can’t wait to start my journey. “

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Vaccines that are more effective than Pfizer could be used for the UK JAB program

The UK’s deputy chief medical officer says the UK should not “let the perfect people become enemies” when it comes to selecting coronavirus vaccines based on their effectiveness.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam says the most important thing is that people come forward for the coronavirus jab and it rolls fast.

At a news conference on Downing Street this morning, he was asked if other jabs proved less effective than Pfizer, so people might think they were at risk of receiving the inferior vaccine, as shown in the interim data on 90% prevention of coronavirus infection.

Professor Van-Tam replied: “You can make a decision based on an intermediate estimate of the effectiveness of the vaccine rather than a final decision.

“The big win for us as a society is a collection of people living together. We need speed of delivery and we need very high acceptance in teams … in most cases there is a risk of dying or getting a complex disease.

“So it’s speed and high trajectory that matters.

“At this point we realize that it would be very easy to let the perfect be the enemy of the good here.”

Each pharmaceutical firm publishes its results and once it receives protection after regulatory approval, the government will receive a recommendation that JAB should be used on the NHS.

Government advisers say extremely low-efficacy vaccines can still be very important and go to “what we’ve got” to save the government.

It could also end up being the “horse of course” in terms of the right vaccine for different ages or different populations, one said.

About a dozen coronavirus vaccines are in the final stages of their clinical trials.

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Vaccine priorities for those under the age of 50 should still be decided

Experts are waiting to see how vaccines work in different groups before deciding who among those under 50 will be given priority.

The plan introduced by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) will show that vaccines will be sent to older members – depending on their effectiveness at this age – as well as caring housekeepers and healthcare workers to older members of society.

The first step is expected to protect 99 percent of those at risk of dying from Covid-19, before moving on to the younger group.

However, no decision has been made on how to prioritize the under-50s.

The current JCVI Interim Guidelines say the order of priority should be:

– Elderly care home and elderly staff

– All and health and social care workers aged 80 and over, although they can place on the list

– Anyone 75 or older

– High risk adult under 65 years of age

– Moderate risk for those under 65 years of age

– All 60 years or older

– The rest of the population, including priorities, has not yet been determined


The government is under pressure to ‘fix’ the test and trace

Ministers today came under increasing pressure to “fix” the test system, which still has people waiting more than three days for the Covid-19 results.

Senior Conservatives appealed for urgent action and insisted the issue of a pathologist’s risk “must come from above.”

Jeremy Hunt, chairman of the Commons Health Committee on Lockdown in England, said: “The government needs to use this breathing space to strengthen the test and trace program that is currently the only way to lock the whole country instead of the virus. It has become clear that people are much more likely to become self-isolated if they contact someone from the local authority rather than the national call center. “


The government has saved ‘hundreds of lives’ with the strategy of epidemic homelessness

Fairly Sleep and Housing Minister Kelly Tolhurst said the government provided “unprecedented support” that saved “hundreds of lives”.

He said: “The government has provided unprecedented support for this issue by spending £ 700 million this year on homelessness and sleep deprivation.

“Our work on sleep has not only been shown to be a world leader, but has also saved hundreds of lives. We are dedicated to continuing to protect vulnerable people during these restrictions and during the winter months.

“We have used the summer to work with local authorities on separate local plans for the coming months, and last week the Prime Minister announced a protected program, the next step in support of our ongoing targets for fair sleep.

“It will provide an additional 15 15 million to provide space support for those most in need, and an additional 15 15 million to ensure that housing and health challenges are met during this period of national restraint.

“This is at the top of the million 10 million Cold Weather Fund available to all councils to ensure the sleepers stay safe in the coming months. That means all local areas will be able to support this winter.”


Russia says Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine is 92% effective

The country’s Sovereign Wealth Fund claims that Russia’s coronavirus vaccine has proven to be 92 percent effective.

The Sputnik V vaccine announcement follows the release of interim results from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and biotech firm Bioentech that their vaccine is more than 90 percent effective in preventing Covid-19.

The first phase evaluated the efficacy of a three-stage trial among more than 16,000 volunteers who received the vaccine or placebo 21 days after injection.

A statistical analysis of 20 confirmed cases of coronavirus, divided between those who received the vaccine and those who received placebo, indicated that the effectiveness of the vaccine after the second dose was 92 percent.

In support of the vaccine, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said that no untoward incident had occurred during the trial and that participants were being monitored.

The results were not peer-reviewed.

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Hugh Grant reveals the battle with the virus

Hugh Grant revealed that he and wife Anna Eberstein had coronavirus in February and still have antibodies to Covid-19.

The actor told The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: “It started with a very strange syndrome where I break out in a sweat.

“It was like a pancho of sweat, really embarrassing. Then my eyeballs felt about three sizes too big and it felt like a huge man was sitting on my chest, Harvey Weinstein or someone else. “

He added: “I had an antibody test just a month ago. I still have that antibody, so I know what it was.


Another hitch of the government’s ‘Munshot’ experimental program

Ten NHS trusts in London were set up in front of Qatar for quick covid testing for staff – but the first delivery fell short of expectations.

Trusts such as Imperial College Health Care, Guys and St. Thomas and Barking, Havering and Redbridge were among the countries that received “lateral flow” tests yesterday that could indicate within 15 minutes whether workers had the virus.

The Standard, however, learned that some London trusts received only one test per frontline worker – they targeted employees sitting at home at least twice a week to make sure they were safe to come to work.

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