UK coronavirus live: Hancock hopes for Easter vaccine; Politics is the case in all cases except the two English regions

Southeast England: This region is now the highest rate in England. Seoul tops the list, with the current rate being 631.7 cases per 100,000 people, more than 425.8. This rate is rising to 34 of the 67 local authorities in south-east England.

Yorkshire and the Humber: Prices are falling in almost every region of Yorkshire and Humber – compared to last week, when most regions were recording growth. In the latest figures, only three out of 21 showed an increase: Craven, North Lincolnshire and Selby.

Northwest England: Of the 39 regions in north-west England, only three have prices: Carlisle, Handburn and South Lakeland. Hindburn rose the most at 3838.5 to 487.4. This is also the highest rate in this region. Lowest rates in Lancaster: 1199, down from 149.3.

Northeast England: The latest figures show that each of the 12 local authorities in north-east England has lost rates. The biggest drop was at Gateshead, dropping from 468.2 to 320.7.

East Midlands: Of the 40 local authority areas in the East Midlands south of the region, only three have case rates: Harbor, South Northamptonshire and Wellingborough. East Lindsay has the highest in the region, where the rate is currently very low at 51.8.9. The biggest drop of the week was in Bolshevik, down from 480.4 to 340.1.

West Midlands: Five of the 30 local authorities in the West Midlands have recorded an increase in the latest figures: East Staffordshire, Herefordshire, Newcastle-Under-Lime, Nunaton and Bedworth and Wolverhampton. Of these, Herefordshire recorded the largest jump, slightly above 153.0 to 165.5.

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London: Along with south-east England, London is one of only two regions where most regions have recorded growth in the latest figures. Of London’s 32 regions, 20 have risen, with the biggest jumps being Havering (309.4 to 366.0), Enfield (175.6 to 230.4) and Redbridge (249.0 to 300.4).

Southwest England: Bristol continues to have the highest rate in south-west England, but this rate has dropped, from 475..6 to 434.4. A total of 20 of the 29 local authorities in the region are now recording a drop.

East England: Seven of England’s 10 lowest rates are in East England, including the lowest: Mid Suffolk, where the rate has dropped from 76.0 to 56.8. A total of 27 of the 45 local authorities recorded a fall in the latest figures.

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