UK coronavirus live: Christmas plan threatens virus spike as lockdown ends, Sage warns

A SEZ document dated 4 November states: “If England returned to the same application of the tiring system in place before 5 November, the transmission would return at the same rate as today.”

Live update


Here are the latest figures from Northern Ireland

Ten more people have died in northern Ireland along with Covid-19, according to the country’s health department.

The death toll from the department is now 746.

There are also 511 more confirmed records of the virus over the last 24 hours.

A total of 46,359 people have tested positive for Covid-19 since the epidemic began in Northern Ireland.


Wales reported about 1,000 new infections overnight

Here are the latest statistics from the country, the death toll from the coronavirus has risen by 20 and 933 more cases have been confirmed overnight:


After an event year with his own Covid War, Prince Charles is celebrating his birthday in style …

Prince of Wales has appeared with greetings as he celebrates his 72nd birthday.

Clares House marked the milestones with the autumn picture of the chained Charles.

The official Twitter and Instagram accounts for the prince and the Duchess of Cornwall shared the photo with the prince shaking the camera.

“Thank you Prince of Wales for his nd2nd birthday!” Read captions.


The gym owner is facing a 67 fine for refusing to stop during lockdown

Andres Michelle, 34, said police barred customers from entering his premises after the Zone Gym in Wood Green closed on Wednesday.

The Haringji Council, which has repeatedly imposed fines against him, is now trying to get a stay order through a court that seeks to enforce it.


JK Rowling: Releasing iCabog gave me a sense of purpose during the lockdown

JK Rowling says writing Icabog during the epidemic gave him “purposefulness” because he was concerned about the effects of the coronavirus on families.

The Harry Potter writer told BBC Radio 2 that he was inspired to publish children’s books because he thought “how difficult it was for children’s families.”

It has been a “terrible year for all,” he said.

Discussing his book, he added: “It gave me a special idea of ​​purposeful thinking, ‘It can help, it can do something’, because I am married to a doctor who makes you feel very inadequate when there is an epidemic. On.

“I see my family members who are the main staff come out of there and face them all. At the same time I was very proud of everyone but I was worried for them.”

Rowling said she was very aware of the challenges some families faced.

“All I know is how difficult it was going to be for families of young children and especially for families without gardens.

“Caring for young children is really intense, if they don’t have a play date.

“I just thought, ‘It’s going to be very difficult for people,’ and that’s when I thought I could do something.”

( The Icabog / Author JK Rowling / Author portrait of The Aikabag Hatchett / JK Rowling Deborah Hurford Brown )

A vaccine will make ‘no difference’ to the current wave

More from Age Misi Professor Mishi here:


The next two weeks are ‘important’ to ensure the end of the lockdown – experts

“December 22” will be extremely difficult to ensure the end of the coronavirus lockdown in England in the next two weeks, as a scientific adviser has warned.

Professor Susan Mishi, scientific advisory member of the Emergency (SJ) government, has urged the public to “stay in position” to spend festive time with loved ones, to prevent them from breaking current rules.

He further suggested that the announcement of a potential Covid-19 vaccine could lead to complacency in these measures, adding that Jab would make “no difference” to the current wave.

It came after documents released by the SEZ on Friday warned that coronavirus restrictions would see a resurgence of infections returning to the tiered system.

Asked what the current restrictions should be when the lockdown ends, Professor Mishi told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “It’s not too early to know. I think the next two weeks are going to be absolutely crucial.

“Those two weeks are going to be very challenging, partly because of the weather, because I think the promise of a vaccine can make people complacent.

“But the vaccine is unlikely to arrive until the end of the year or the beginning of next year and it is going to make a difference in the current second wave.

“So I think for the next two weeks, everyone really needs to get all their resolutions together.”


World Update: Greece tightens lockdown

Greek authorities have tightened the nationwide lockdown following the escalation of the coronavirus case, announcing the closure of nurseries and primary schools until the end of November.

Greece has performed better than many European countries in dealing with the epidemic, originally starting a nationwide lockdown in February, just weeks after its outbreak.

The declining rate of infection in early October has forced authorities to reinstate the obligation and order a second nationwide lockdown, which ends in late November and includes a night curfew from 9pm to 8am.

On Saturday, the government tightened measures, closing primary schools and nurseries for two weeks from Monday.

There were 3,036 new Covid-19 cases in Greece yesterday. On Thursday it recorded 3,316 new infections and 50 deaths – the highest daily toll recorded so far in the epidemic.

( Ritter )

Here’s the biggest news breakdown of the last 24 hours

Dominic Cummings left Downing Street after a power struggle that shook Boris Johnson’s administration.

The prime minister’s chief adviser came out of number ten on Friday evening carrying a large box on Thursday evening after a bitter debate that also sparked the resignation of communications director Lee Kane.

On the day of the vote, coalition members will begin their notice periods at home, and Sir Edward Lister served as interim chief in anticipation of Mr Johnson’s party-wide shake-up.

But why did Mr. Johnson’s right-hand man suddenly leave? And what does the number 10 mean? Here’s what we know so far


Austria will take action on the entire lockdown from Tuesday, as the epidemic continues across Europe.

The Austrian government still used a light touch in dealing with the second wave of coronavirus cases compared to the first.

The country currently has a nighttime curfew, with shops open from 8pm to 6am, while cafes, bars and restaurants are restricted to removal.

These measures have failed to stop the infection from accelerating. Yesterday recorded 9,586 new cases every day – nine times more than the peak of the first wave.

According to a plan seen by Reuters, since Tuesday the country has begun to move into a full lockdown, the public will only have to sit at home all day without some exceptions, such as shopping or practice.

Non-essential stores will be closed, as will service providers such as hairdressers. Secondary schools have already begun to move towards socially distance education, but still schools for younger schools will do the same when providing child care in need.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will hold a press conference outlining the new restrictions at 3:30 p.m.

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