UK Coronavirus Blog Live: Senior Tory Dido called on Harding to look for tests and test failures during the period of self-isolation, a time of ‘dropping for seven days’.

Tory Pierre Dido Harding, a veteran Conservative MP and director of the NHS Test and Trace, has called for his removal.

Sir Bernard Jenkin, an associate of Boris Johnson and chairman of the parliamentary communications committee, said the “immediate priority is to fill the leadership vacuum test and trace” and suggested that Barnes Harding could be given a “good earnings break”. .

The intervention was published in an article in the Telegraph, when the prime minister said he shared “people’s frustrations” with the system, which posted another round of poor results on Thursday.

Elsewhere, the Sunday Times reported that the government was planning to reduce the need for self-separation and segregation from 14 days to seven years after a majority refused to comply.

However, business travelers can be exempted for complete segregation, the report said, adding that angry families are at risk of not being able to travel for a half-term break.

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Self-isolation can be reduced to seven days

In Whitehall’s concern about the level of public adherence to the test and trace system, contacts of people infected with the coronavirus should be kept separate for at least seven days.

Officials from the government’s Covid-19 task force are reportedly monitoring the case to reduce the current fortnightly period of secession to 10 days and a week.

The move – which will not apply to those who test positive for the disease – has led to growing dissatisfaction with the system’s performance from ministers and lawmakers.

According to The Sunday Telegraph, Boris Johnson was reportedly “confused” about the statistics provided by the service after it was proven wrong.

At the same time, there were concerns that long-term prospects inside the home would prevent people from cooperating if they were contacted by tests and traces.

The Telegraph quoted source number ten as saying: “Self-isolation is important if we are to do as much as we want, and if we want to defeat the virus.”

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