UK condemns ‘reprehensible’ and ‘opaque’ ECHR decision on Rwanda

The decision of the European Court of Human Rights to stop the deportation to Rwanda of asylum seekers coming to the United Kingdom is “absolutely outrageous“And so was taken”vagueOn Saturday, British Interior Minister Priti Patel was hammered.

On Tuesday evening, a plane specially chartered for thousands of euros was ready to take off from an English military base, when the ECHR, the jurisdiction of the Council of Europe to ensure compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights, expressed its protest. , inflicted a blow to the government.

,you have to see the patternAbout the decision, Ms Patel told The Telegraph newspaper on Saturday. ,How and why did he take this decision? Was it politically motivated? I think so, of course.,

,The opaque manner in which this tribunal has acted is completely outrageous.“, He said. “We don’t know who the judges are, we don’t know the panel (of judges), we haven’t got any verdict“, He added.

The court in Strasbourg (eastern France) held that British justice should, before deporting migrants, examine in detail the legality of the device, which is planned for July.

Seeking to abdicate its responsibility for receiving asylum seekers and sending them more than 6,000 kilometers from London, the British government claims to have curbed illegal crossings of the Channel, which have been about control of immigration since Brexit. Despite repeated promises, they are increasing continuously.

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