UK: BBC contributor resigns over channel’s “anti-Zionism”

“The BBC is unable to tackle its problem of anti-Semitism because it denies its existence”

Rabbi YY Rubinstein, on the airwaves of BBC For more than 30 years, “anti-Semitism” within the UK public broadcaster tendered his resignation this week.

He posted his resignation letter on his Facebook page and published an opinion piece in the American Jewish daily The Forward, explaining the reasons for his departure.

Rabbi Rubinstein wrote, “The organization has a well-documented culture of anti-Semitism, usually disguised as anti-Semitism.”

The incident that prompted the rabbi to make this final decision relates to journalistic coverage of an anti-Semitic incident in London during Hanukkah, in which a group of men gave a Nazi salute and attacked Jewish passengers on a bus. Did.

The video of the incident is becoming very viral on social media.

BBC Although the way it presented the facts was heavily criticized, the channel initially claimed that some Jewish travelers had hurled Islamophobic abuses against the group of men, when an investigation later proved that was not the case. Was.

“The BBC Anti-Semitism is unable to deal with its problem because it denies its existence. Otherwise, she will publicly apologize for her journalistic error and force her journalists to learn to recognize and challenge anti-Semitic stereotypes,” concluded Rabbi Rubinstein.

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