UK awaits interview of ‘Defendant’ Harry and Meghan

The interview will be broadcast in the US on Sunday. Meghan Markle has accused Buckingham of “lying forever” about her and her husband Prince Harry, with Mahal saying the couple would not be silent about their split with the British royal family.

In February, announced an interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Must be aired Sunday In the United States. Waiting for its broadcast on Monday evening in the United Kingdom (1), the British are trembling with fear or impatience at the revelation. As a teaser, the American channel CBS Thirty seconds of the interview is unveiled where we explain to Meghan not to be afraid of Buckingham Palace’s reactions to her beliefs.

“Firm” looks like an episode of the ud83d ude05 suite series

Meghan Markle who calls the royal family “The Firm” and whom she accuses of spreading lies.

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“I don’t know how they could have hoped that we would remain silent after this time when the ‘firm’ (royal family) is active in lying about us.”, Describes the American journalist Oprah Winfrey as a former actress. The British public is therefore preparing to search “lie” This is and the interview may take the form of settlement of the score between the newly established couple in California and the royal family.

Tension within the royal family

If there could be no question of an investigation for the Buckingham Palace-initiated harassment against Meghan Markle, launched on Wednesday, or after recording interviews, this new case demonstrates a worsening of relations within the family.

Apart from violating the customs of royalty, the event also comes at the worst of times. Harry’s grandfather and Elizabeth II’s husband Prince Philip have been hospitalized since 16 February. The 99-year-old had recently undergone a heart problem surgery. “I’m really surprised that they’re airing this inflammatory interview now,” Commentary of a sexworker whose white hides hide blue eyes. They are very selfish. I understand how tiring it is to travel to all these places to represent the queen but Prince Harry was born there and Meghan knew when she married him. “

This Londoner, who prefers to remain anonymous, finds that the royal family is suffering from his departure. “ William and Kate have too much work to do without their help! He is indolent. I used to like Harry at first, but now he wants to be a simple hippie, earning a lot of money! “.

Tim, a 50-man who works as an agent for the national census campaign, understands his desire to talk about Meghan. “She does what she wants because she is American, He believes, for his part. But I do not understand what they think they have gained from this story. I doubt they intend to return one day, but after this interview, they will certainly not be welcome in the royal family.

“He lets Himself Lead”

However, this English believes that this is not a huge loss. “Harry didn’t invent powder!” He laughs. He allows himself to be led by a strong woman and I don’t think he had any say in his leaving. If this is the life they have chosen for themselves, why not! I get angry that he has all these fine speeches on the environment, but I do not believe he is exemplary in this matter, between his trips in a private jet and his life in the palaces ”.

The previous teaser aired by the channel revealed fears about Prince Harry’s mental health and that of his wife. “My biggest concern is that history repeats itself “They say in the video that images of Princess Diana appear.

The couple should still discuss the United States and some of their projects. Perhaps they will also discuss Meghan’s pregnancy.

(1) Broadcast in France on Mondays at 9:15 pm, on TMC.

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