UK and South Korea sign data deal

More than two years after Brexit, with the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, the country has announced the signing of its first partnership regarding data sharing. From August 2021, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is no longer applicable across the channel and the British have already announced that they want to distance themselves from the law.

First data transfer agreement signed by United Kingdom

This agreement with South Korea would allow British agencies to transfer data to the quiet country of the morning without any restrictions, and vice versa. These data transfers cover all digital services that can be provided in one of two countries, but used or performed in the other. This is the first data agreement concluded by the United Kingdom since the country left the European Union.

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UK Data Minister Julia Lopez said that ” This signing is an important milestone for the high data security standards that the UK, the Republic of Korea and we share. “. She adds that” The new agreement will boost British businesses to accelerate digital trade, as well as research to improve people’s lives through data ,

The British Government specifies that, according to it, the protection of personal data and the free flow of data across borders are two aspects of the transfer of data that can coexist. It is in this sense that the United Kingdom is currently working to establish a framework to reconcile the security and free movement of data, which could jeopardize the agreement on the transfer of data between the EU and the United Kingdom .

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South Korea is already very active in sharing and storing data between borders

In Yoon, South Korea’s personal data protection commissioner, Jong, said that he ” Today we are honored to accept this Joint Statement. Strengthening cooperation between the UK and the Republic of Korea, based on a shared recognition of high standards of security, can help shape a healthier and more sustainable global data landscape. ,

South Korea was one of the countries designated to establish and be part of an international data adequacy initiative aimed at liberalizing data flow without restrictions and with maximum security. Other related countries were the United States, Singapore, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Colombia, but also the United Kingdom.

Ironically, if the UK had remained in the EU, it could also enjoy a data adequacy partnership with South Korea as the country had already signed such an agreement with Europe, even though it logically Be centered around GDPR.

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