UK and Rwanda explain migrant resettlement plan to UN

Explaining the transfer of migrants to Rwanda, this is exactly what the British Interior Minister and Rwanda’s Foreign Minister did at the United Nations in Geneva. The plan has drawn criticism from the United Nations Refugee Agency and the Human Rights Agency: Britain plans to send some of its illegal asylum seekers to African countries.

“We are a government that, along with our allies, the Government of Rwanda, is seeking new and innovative solutions to global problems, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel said. I’m afraid that other organizations and other countries do not provide alternatives. And the status quo is no longer acceptable.”

“As soon as the UK is ready to send the first group of asylum seekers, we will be ready to receive them, Added Vincent Biruta, Rwanda’s foreign minister. We have put in place all the mechanisms required to process the asylum application process. And we are working on the logistics as well.”

For the UN this plan goes against the rights of refugees. It also particularly concerns undocumented Ukrainians, many in Great Britain, often victims of administrative delays in obtaining visas. They are also potentially “moved” to Rwanda, pending processing of their file.

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