UK: Access to pubs, text messages and selfies as a sign of victory to encourage vaccination. And word of mouth works on the dose that is skipped

London Rejoice. What was the British epicenter of the epidemic a year ago, this week set the record that all cities in the world dream: zero deaths per capita Kovid. When the sun shines in the capital England Second phase of Lockdown And prime minister Boris johnson Replace the “Stay Home” order with a more cautious but optimistic mantra: “Hands – Face – Distance – Fresh Air”. And so or The british They came back in swimming pool On the road, On Golf fieldsFor tennis clubs. And here, in a town in North London, we get a queue at dusk. 60 people, Lined up along the street, in front of the white tent of a vaccination center. They do not have an appointment that is entering at a fast pace, but we are at the end of the day and will probably end sometime Injection, Or ‘jab’ as they call them here (NHS, British Health System, specify that for administration AstraZeneca, opposite of this Pfizer, There is no 15-minute post injection that waits for the investigation of adverse reactions). When the doctor appears at the threshold, his gaze is empty, “only one dose remains, coming back the other day”.

Rural areas Vaccination Going well, more than 4 million Britons have completed the vaccination, and have promised to be “month of boosters” with the number of second doses in April (270,526) being the first dose (22,5,590). More than. Despite what happens Europe With controversy on The supply And on adverse reactions to some patients to whom it was administered AstraZenecaBritish Government is pushing its force machine Vaccination, With an ideal logistics organization and effective subliminal emphasis.

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Like health text message (NHS) is ringing mobile phone Remember to book an appointment. Or on campaign Social Who invite ‘newly vaccinated’ to share their selfie Holding your fingers in a v shapeAs a sign of victory.

The island still has two stages to cross, next time before independence from imprisonment 21 June And it looks like walking For herd immunity There is room to bypass priority groups.

Luca Pugioni Less than 50 years old, he already has a ticket to return to his sea Sardinia, But lacked a vaccine to release them safely. “What inspired me to look for an alternative Vaccinate me Before my age group innings, it was heard among many friend I Italian colleagues That someone is lined up outside The centers to vaccinate By the end of the day, he managed to get the remaining dose because no one showed up for the appointment “, explains Luca, who remained in the queue at the center on Friday Shadowwell 2 to 5 pm and finally, managed to get one of 11 advanced doses at number 3 out of 30 on the “standby list”. “Go Word of mouth But it’s not an advertised thing, I don’t think there is any Order Luca says that the government’s wait day is likely to end. In fact, there is only a warning from the British Medical Association on this point, stating that the principle is to avoid dose wastage. “not all The centers Some do – he concludes – Peers Hear from them The nurses That they will not vaccinate anyone without reservation ”.

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It will be tomorrow, not a directive, after the municipal lawmakers Walthamstow (northeast London) Tweeted that there was a surplus The dose, The city’s library was used as a vaccination center and the storm struck 3000 The peopleIncluding many young people, They also got the vaccine without reservation.

But this does not just happen in big cities. To Poynton, 18 kilometers down Manchester, Oliver File, managed to get vaccinated as early as 49 years old February After contacting the doctor “If I have a leftover dose I can get there in 10 minutes”. “After a week the phone rang – Oliver says – that day my Small town Had a list of 838 people And two did not show, so I was one of the lucky ones. Has a certain level of FLEXIBILITY Because the goal seems to be to inject the serum into as many arms as possible.

But not all of them run On appointment Colonel Vaccination. in England At this rate Vaccination For example, in the population of African descent, it is 58.8% against 91.3% of people who identify themselves White. To include Multi-ethnic community Government has established vaccination centers Mosque I Places of worship, But the most controversial is the “drive to get vaccinated” Passport Vaccination To enter places Brit Equal Excellence: I Pub. An incentive Johnson This is against the other side of the scale of civil liberties. “I have my reservations from a social standpoint, I think Vaccination passport Can create partitions to enter the complex – says Annis, who has been vaccinated since February at the age of 22 because her doctors are Some patients– We are not sure how the government can implement this measure, young people London They want to go back to the social life they had before, and the idea of ​​becoming more Surveillance I Control It only creates apprehension ”.

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