Uganda reinstates restrictive measures to tackle new wave of spread of coronavirus

(Ecofin Agency) – With a relatively low contamination rate since the onset of Covid-19, the Ugandan government recently announced an easing of measures taken in 2020. However, between March and June 2021, the number of cases increased sharply, increasing the risk. of the second wave.

The Ugandan authorities have taken a number of restrictive measures to prevent a new wave of coronavirus infections. This was announced by President Yoweri Museveni (photo) during a televised address on Sunday, June 6.

According to the head of state, these measures, which take effect from Monday, June 7 and extend over a period of forty-two (42) days, relate to the closure of schools and places of worship as well as the prohibition of gatherings. Except for weddings and funerals where the number of participants has been reduced to 20. Similarly, unnecessary movement from one district to another has been banned and the number of passengers in private transport has been reduced to two. This includes the maintenance of a curfew from 9 pm to 5.30 am and the closure of areas such as bars and restaurants.

With regard to the application of the measures, the President indicated that poor management of the pollution wave would lead to total control with the cessation of activities. He clarified that ” Violation of these measures will result in the imposition of fines which will be announced shortly in a regulatory text signed by the Permanent Secretary of the Treasury. “. In addition, an evaluation at the end of the implementation period of the measures will determine their effectiveness and the need to increase or relax them.

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According to the health ministry, following the relatively calm passage of the first wave, the country recorded an increase in pollution, in a few months, with 948 new cases mainly in 43 schools in 22 districts; Which prompted the authorities to declare a second wave” diffuse and continuous “Also, according to Mr. Museveni” In this wave, the number of patients with severe and critically ill COVID-19, and the number of deaths, is higher than what we experienced during the first wave of the pandemic ».

It should be noted that to avoid the risk of the country’s logistical inability to deal with this new wave, the Ugandan government plans to set up an additional 4,500 beds in various referral hospitals in the country. In addition, this plan Vaccinate 21.9 million eligible Ugandans starting with priority groups, ie 4.8 million people Thanks to the intensive acquisition of vaccines from countries like China and Russia.

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