Uganda ready to welcome Afghan refugees to US – Agence Afrique

Uganda has responded favorably to a US request addressed to several partner countries to temporarily host Afghan nationals wishing to leave their country due to the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

These Afghan nationals are those who applied for visas to travel to the United States, fearing abuse, to help international forces in their fight against the Taliban. He should be patient while waiting for details from US officials.

According to a statement from the Ugandan Foreign Ministry released on Tuesday, Kampala has received “a request from the United States government to assist some of those affected.”

It is because of “Uganda’s tradition and history as a host land for refugees and those in need” that the East African country has said it is “ready to go.” provide support; especially temporary accommodation of some of the people affected by the current crisis”.

Ugandan diplomacy has promised to “provide updates as the situation develops, until a final decision is made.”

It is, in fact, not the first for Uganda to host foreigners from countries facing conflict. The country will be recognized as the first land for refugees on the African continent, and will be counted among the states in the world willing to provide hospitality to vulnerable people. In return, Kampala receives millions of dollars from international institutions to deal with the situation.

Nothing was informed about a potentially planned reward by Washington for countries willing to welcome the Afghan refugees concerned.

The Taliban are the new masters of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of international forces. Many countries are evacuating their citizens despite promises of peace between both natives and foreigners announced by the Taliban.

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