UFOs: NASA Won’t Rule Out Alien Trail

On October 19, during an intervention at the Center for Policy at the University of Virginia, NASA boss, Bill Nelson, bolstered the hypothesis that some of the unknown aerospace phenomena identified in the past few years may have an extraterrestrial origin.
Recalling the existence of hundreds of observed events that remain unclear to this day, the former Democratic senator said he had spoken personally with US Air Force pilots about the origins of the mysterious vision. “They know they saw something, and their radars went off on it,” he recalled. “We hope there is no adversary on Earth who has technology like this. But it is something,” said B. Nelson. “Who am I to say that Earth is the only planet [qui abrite] A form of civilized and organized life like ours? ”, thought B. Nelson after a question on the possible origins of some unexplained aerial phenomena.
As we can read in a transcript of his intervention published by Yahoo News, B. Nelson explained to his interlocutor here – Professor Larry Sabato – that he currently supports a theory among those hypothesized to understand the origins of some of the comments. were not in a position to do so. . Despite investigations by civilian and military entities from several countries, gray areas remain around several disturbing cases related to UFO sightings.
Submitted in 1999 by its authors to Lionel Jospin, the then Prime Minister, the Cometa Report, for example, had imposed itself at the time of its publication as an essential French document relating to the safety issues associated with the study of the mysterious aerospace phenomenon, which’ they have been seen in the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, France and Iran.
Faced with these objections, Moscow and Beijing have on their part supported restraint, although similar comments on the Chinese side were relayed almost simultaneously by the Hong Kong press. “The intensity of US military activity in the South China Sea and other sensitive waters close to China may explain the increasing presence of objects that cannot be immediately explained”, one can read in Indeed article. South China Morning Post (SCMP), published June 4, 2021.
Will covert aerospace operations by the United States, China or even Russia be at the core of a significant number of incidents witnessed by national security invested in the region?
difficult to say …

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