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The alleged UFO is believed to have appeared on a mountaintop in Mexico, where it was filmed through a telescope. The vague image was shared on YouTube by Channel Ivanhatar TV. In any video, the UFO landed in the mountains of Mexico, except for the headline of when or where the mystery object was depicted.

After focusing on a distant object, the video zooms in which appears as a round or conical, metallic object.

The bizarre footage has been analyzed by self-appointed UFO expert and conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring.

Mr. Waring runs the blog UFO Sitesings Daily where he shares photos, video clips and other claims of alien events on Earth.

And while most of his discoveries can be interpreted or debunked in non-extras, UFO hunters are convinced that this is the real deal.

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He said: “I have to admit, at first I thought it was fake, but it’s not.

“As I watched, I realized that the people there were trying hard to focus the camera on the hill.

“Even taking a moment to adjust the lenses looking down is being stopped, then back to the UFO at the top of the hill.

“The conversation is in Spanish, but you can hear the importance in the melody.

“It’s real. It’s absolutely amazing and I hope to have more footage of it.”

“Perhaps the ground is waiting to open so that it can go underground four to six kilometers below the surface.”

However, there is no real evidence behind this claim and the circumstances surrounding the video’s release raise questions about its legitimacy.

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A channel based in the Philippines shared the video on YouTube, which appears to share random content designed to generate video footage.

And according to popular UFO hacks debunker Scott Brando, UFO sightings are often faked to earn money online.

Mr. Brando manages the ufoofinterest.org website where he explains that UFO hacks use YouTube’s partner program to cash in videos for advertising money.

Many of these videos are GCI scams or wild interpretations of NASA photos and videos of members of the public mis

Similar claims have been made by blogger Constantine, who runs the UFO Theater website.

Despite the fact that believing aliens are real and come to earth, the blogger said: “UFOlogy is currently plagued by capitalist greed.

“While millions of online viewers and readers are searching for the latest insights and information, a growing army of fraudsters and opportunists has grown to take advantage of that interest.

“What they can’t create on their own, they steal from others and promote by spamming on social media like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter.”

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