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Elections in Ivory Coast: Voters’ words in Yopogon, which is tilted in opposition

The Independent Electoral Commission officially announced all the scores of last Saturday’s vote in Côte d’Ivoire on Tuesday afternoon. At the national level, the majority goes to the party in power, the RHDP. Yopogon’s commune, which was the basis of former President Laurent Gagbo’s FPI, was in the hands of the presidential party. But she went into opposition. The wait was a long Tuesday. All that was missing were the results of the Abidjan municipalities of Markori, Port-Buut and Yopogon, and the latter, with 6 seats, were particularly expected. All three municipalities were won by the opposition. And according to activists gathered in the Ansein Bel-Air district, it was a long time, when Yopogon’s opponents had known such a party, our correspondent in Abdijan, Sid Yansen reports. , Take advantage of the event. “We won in the right way and in the right place! », Makes a supporter happy. But Ivorian voters are used to political alliances that are built and broken. He hopes this time that his victory will not be overshadowed by another disappointment. “If (elected) goes to RHDP, he will no longer be (elected) in Yopogon as deputy! », Gives another warning. यह Also to read: In Ivory Coast, Yopougan, the major share of legislators despair a few hundred meters in the camp of RHDPA, the atmosphere is quite favorable, the district Vasakara, friendly to power. We specifically reduce the low crowd of voters for this election, with a participation rate of less than 38%. The staff of the RHDP political party has failed. Even on the grounds, no one went to vote… ”, a man regrets it. “This is the majority that the President of the Republic needs to get his project through his government program. “Disappointment deserved by Adama Bictogo. In addition, the opposition won in Yopogon with only 450 votes, recalls RHDP Executive Director, Adama Bictogo, contacted by phone by Alexandra Brangeon of RFDP’s Africa Service. It’s all the same satisfaction . He said, “We like to win Yopogon, but the difference of 450 votes clearly shows that Yopogon is no longer a base dedicated to the opposition, as we wanted to believe.” Today, RHDP has accounted for 50% of Yopogon. It is therefore a satisfaction, despite the fact that the opposition wins it. So we remain a force and Yopogon has become a stronghold of the RHDP. “But only 18% of the voters voted in Yopogon …” Yes, it should also be noted that finally, when we look at the participation rate in these elections. The opposition who believed that there was an uncompetitive participation in the presidential election, we realize that in these legislative elections, they did not bring any added value and it is true that the opposition no longer gathers. RHDP in Yopougon, Adama Bictogo assures us. “We, the RHDP, rely on the Election Commission. And I would like all political actors to be part of this dynamic and each of us can accept the decision of the Independent Election Commission… ”For the supporters of the Rashtrapati Party, the municipality’s hand in the opposition show that democracy works is. On the contrary, this victory symbolizes one thing: his idol Laurent Gagbo’s imminent return to the country. Cee also: In Côte d’Ivoire, Alsen Autara’s RHDP retained its majority in the National Assembly

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