UCLA furious about LAPD using Jackie Robinson Stadium as ‘field prison’

According to the university, the Los Angeles Police Department uses UCLA’s Jackie Robinson Stadium as a “field prison” for people who violate the curfew in protests in response to the police killing of George Floyd.

UCLA said on Tuesday night that the arrest of the protesters continued without “UCLA’s knowledge or permission”, noting that he was not aware of how LAPD used his stadium.

“We’re having trouble with Jackie Robinson stadium being used as a ‘field prison’, the university said. on Twitter. “This was done without UCLA’s knowledge or permission. As the tenant of the stadium, we notified local institutions that UCLA would not allow it in the future. “

The announcement came later a letter that draws attention to the subject UCLA faculty members circulating that the LAPD was deliberately driving arrested protesters to the sheriff buses and taking them to the stadium.

The area around the stadium was previously used by the local government as a coronavirus test point.

“The brutal irony that took place in a place where this was used as the COVID-19 test site did not disappear for those arrested or for us,” he also wrote, that officers were not wearing masks and other CDC, city and county anti-tender measures COVID-19.

A Twitter user, argue that he was arrested “During a peaceful protest on June 1,” he said they were detained for five hours, 4 hours in a “crowded prison bus”. They also detailed the conditions of detention by adding that there was no food, water or bath.

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