Ubisoft has unveiled its new game, Project Q. announced

After several rumors and leaks, Ubisoft officially announced Project Q, “Team Battle Zone allowing players to truly own the experience”.

And no, it will not be a battle royale as previously believed, but a MOBA that Ubisoft is developing.

Ubisoft announced the news yesterday on Twitter with an image showing off the new game’s concept art. It features several characters who demonstrate their special abilities. This scene also takes place in New York’s Central Park, as we can see four characters in a park while we can see the skyscrapers in the background.

Once translated, it is mentioned in the tweet.

Introducing codenamed ‘Project Q’, a team-based battle arena that allows players to truly make the experience their own! The game is in early development and we will continue to test it, so for now you can just sign up for upcoming tests.

Ubisoft then adds in the commentary, just to be sure, after the recent rumors got the message: By the way, this isn’t a battle royale. The game will offer a variety of PvP modes with one goal in mind: FUN!

Otherwise the rest should still hold. The game will feature “hero” type characters, each with one or more special skills. Players will therefore be able to choose their favorite character to better control the gameplay and thus hope to lead their team to victory in each game. There is good news for gamers who want to try out a game like MOBA but may be intimidated by the already established games of this genre.

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