Ubisoft confirms existence of Project Q, its next Battle Arena

leaked on UbisoftWell, it’s clearly a story that goes on. A few days ago, still very knowledgeable tom henderson told us that the French publisher was working Project Q, which will be a battle arena oriented PvP type game with a hint of battle royale in one of its two main modes. Surprisingly, Ubisoft didn’t hesitate to confirm the leaks long before the publisher revealed Project Q on Twitter.

no more hiding

In a tweet highlighting the leak, Ubisoft therefore confirms that Project Q very real, and it really is a battlefield, Tom Henderson’s sources were therefore true, especially in game form as the publisher published the first image of the title, suggesting a colorful artistic direction, halfway between overwatch And a knockout city,

And of course, it’s the same for gameplay (with fortnite which must have necessarily been one of the motivations), then Henderson did it again after confirming this by publishing the first video of the game, which apparently represents a version in development. Project QAnd we let you search the Exputer site if you feel like it.

Ubisoft again clarified that the project is still in its early stagesBut it is already possible to register on the official site to keep informed about the progress of the project and especially the first phases of testing.

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