Uber is committed to all electronic fleets by 2040

Uber is committed to all electronic fleets by 2040

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Uber says all taxis available through the app will be electric by 2040 – and by 2030 in US, Canadian and European cities.

The Ride Healing Agency says tackling the challenge of climate change was part of this “responsibility”.

The company said it would spend to create a partnership with manufacturers to help drivers switch to electric cars, to ensure discounts. 800 million (£ 614 million).

Users will be able to request electronic or hybrid vehicles.

Uber said the option is available in 15 cities in the United States and Canada for an additional 1. It said it would launch later this year in more than 65 cities worldwide

“It is our responsibility as the world’s largest mobility platform to tackle the challenge of climate change more aggressively,” chief executive Dara Khasroshahi said in a blog post on Tuesday.

“Although we are not the first to set ambitious goals for migration [electric vehicles], We want to be the first to make it happen. ”

Contributing to climate change

Uber and its smaller rivals have faced ongoing criticism for their role in elevator traffic and air pollution, with studies showing that several of their alternatives replace low-pollution alternatives such as walking, biking or taking public transport.

In June the elevator promised to keep an all-electric fleet by 2030, but it does not support drivers. Many of them drive their own cars.

Uber said Tuesday that battery electric vehicles accounted for about 0.15% of the miles logged on its platforms in the USA and Canada between 2017 and 2019, including the hybrid, with mileage on green vehicles five times higher than the average in the United States.

In London, where it has clashed with regulators, Uber has already promised that by 2025 all farms on all farms will be powered by electric vehicles.

On Tuesday, Uber said it was working with Renault and Nissan to expand the effort to other European cities, starting in France. It is working with General Motors in the United States and Canada.

Uber said that if drivers use electric or hybrid cars, they will charge more passengers and it is also working to include more car options in its app.

Climate change agencies, which have pushed for the company to improve its environmental record, have said they are satisfied with Uber’s announcement.

“The good news is Uber’s commitment to rapidly electrify its fleet in Europe’s major cities,” said William Toddots, executive director of the Transport and Environment campaign group.

“Now is the time for Europe’s city mayors to show leadership. We need all major European cities to have zero-emissions zones, new pop-up bike lanes and the introduction of cycle-cable corridors, as well as easy access to in-house, in-house charging and wherever people Park. “

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