Uber drivers will be able to form a union for the first time in the UK

The agreement comes two months after the car reservation platform recognized the status of a salaried employee to its British drivers.

Uber’s 70,000 drivers in the UK can be represented by GMB, a union under the agreement “Historical” The announcement on Wednesday marks another upheaval for the American veteran’s model of the “gig economy”.

The agreement comes two months after Uber recognized the position of a salaried employee for its British drivers with a minimum wage and paid leave, the first in the world for a car reservation platform, a symbol of the economy on the job. “Uber and GMB will join forces to improve flexible working standards across the region”, The group said in a statement. “Through a collective bargaining agreement, the union will represent drivers across the UK. They will be at liberty to choose when and where they drive (for Uber), and will have the option of being represented by the GMB.”, she added.

As part of their agreement, GMB and Uber will work together on topics such as guaranteeing national subsistence and paid holidays, retirement plans, and other benefits such as health coverage or driver safety. “While Uber and GMB do not seem to be clear partners, we have always agreed that drivers are the priority”, Noted Jamie Heywood, one of Uber’s European managers. “This landmark agreement means that Uber will be the first to ensure full union representation for its drivers in the region”He said, who since 2018 have benefited from free health insurance and compensation for parental leave.

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GMB national manager Mick Ricks, who represents a total of 620,000 workers in the country, expressed hope that “This major melody” Make imitators. this “May be the first step towards better working conditions for millions of people”He said, quoted in the statement. “We call on all other operators (of the ‘gig economy’) to do the same”., she added.

Hybrid status

In recent months, specifically targeted by legal proceedings, Uber has initiated a major change in attitude towards its drivers. In March, they announced their 60,000 drivers in the United Kingdom would recognize the hybrid status of salaried workers with minimum pay and paid leave, while previously considered self-employed, well-protected. The stage worked quickly after a stunning defeat in the Supreme Court, which ruled in February that the drivers could be considered “staff” And therefore benefit from social rights. British law distinguishes the position of a self-employed or independent employee from that of an employee who can receive minimum wages and other benefits, and from an employee who enjoys benefits. ” A formal employment contract. Uber’s decision to give more rights to its drivers in March was welcomed by the unions and the government in the UK as a step in the right direction, the only country so far the group agrees.

In Europe, he wants to repeat what he has proposed in California, ie independent drivers but who receive compensation. However, this measure increased the pressure on other digital platforms that thrive on the economy. “Odd jobs”, Such as Deliveroo food delivery platforms. The London Stock Exchange later had a tough start at the end of March, with investors cooled by disputes over the remuneration of its distributors, whose treatment in many countries is disputed in court.

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