‘U’ Season 4: Filming news and release date for the next season of the Netflix series

Netflix’s U series has officially started filming for Season 4, which means fans are eager to know everything about the Penn Badgley-directed series. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming episode of Aap, based on the bestselling books by Carolyn Kepnes. Find out where you were filmed and who will join the cast in Season 4. You’ll also find an estimated broadcast date for the new season of U on Netflix.

Season 4 of “You” is currently filming

Netflix renewed You for a new season in October 2021. The news broke ahead of the release of Season 3.

“We are so grateful that Netflix has shown you such great support,” showrunner Sera Gamble said at the announcement. “…people around the world have really enjoyed watching Joe the wrong way over the past three seasons. The entire team of you can’t wait to find out the new and deeper sides of love in Season 4 .

Earlier, in November 2021, the You writer’s room Instagram account posted that writing had officially begun. The same account posted about the start of filming on March 22: “Roll the cameras, Joe. Season 4 has begun.”

The cast of ‘U’ is filming in the UK.

What’s on Netflix predicts that season 4 will be in production for four months and end in July 2022. According to the outlet, part of season 4 will be shot in the UK. According to initial reports in Production Weekly, season 4 of Aapka is also going to be shot in Los Angeles.

At the end of Season 3 of You, Joe (Badley) – who lives under the pseudonym of Nick – is in Paris looking for Marianne (Tati Gabrielle). But Season 4 could mean a move to the UK for Joe if the production plans to shoot in the UK.

Lucas Gage joins the cast for season 4

Badgley is set to return as You’s seducer Joe. Additionally, according to Deadline, Lucas Gage — best known for playing Tyler in Euphoria and Dylan in The White Lotus — will join the cast.

“Gauge will play Adam, an American expatriate, the younger son of a wealthy East Coast tycoon,” Deadline reports. “He is famous for failing to live up to the standards of his affluent and respected family. Entrepreneur and gamer, Adam is a warm and witty party host and quick friend. But deep down, Adam hides many secrets and hides his problems with extensive self-medication.”

Nick and Adam’s inability to please is likely. But we don’t think Adam will make it out of Season 4.

In Season 4 of @YouNetflix, Gage stars as Adam, the warm, funny, party-loving son of a wealthy family who are famous for not living up to their standards. But one thing he learned from his parents is that you have to do whatever it takes to get what you want. pic.twitter.com/Hr9tQnmk2r

Deadline’s description continues: “Determined to prove himself, Adam takes big risks and lives by the principle that a good businessman does everything he can. Will he be with his rich and titled girlfriend? Does he love her, or does he use her? No doubt he flirts with his friends; the only question is how far he is willing to go.”

“You” Season 4 Estimated Release Date.

According to What’s On Netflix, fans can expect U Season 4 to release in December 2022 based on the past production schedule and release dates. The site acknowledges that fans likely won’t see new episodes of Aapse until early 2023, depending on changes to production schedules.

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