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Criticized by challenger Amy McGrath in a debate Monday night for blocking the new coronavirus relief bill, Mitch McConnell laughed.

“Trying to figure out what he’s laughing at,” Tweeted Former Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, who now works for NBC News.

About 7.8 million cases of coronavirus and about 215,000 deaths have been recorded in the United States. Despite the devastating economic consequences, Congress has not passed a relief package since May, when the Democratic-held House passed a t 3tn bill, while the Republican Senate has not passed it. Donald Trump recently spearheaded the talks, which he tried to restart.

McGrath and McConnell met in Lexington for a debate during the rise of the Kentucky case. Democrats raised impressive numbers and stayed in touch with the election – although victory remains unlikely.

“The House passed a bill in May and this Senate goes on vacation,” McGraw said.

As McConnell became stingy, he said: “I mean, you just don’t do it. You discuss. Senator, this is a national crisis, you knew the coronavirus would not end by the end of July. We knew that. ”

As McConnell tried to resist, but getting drunk, McGrath said: “If you want to call yourself a leader … the work that you have done and the work that has been done between us and the Marines should be done. We will get the job done. “

McConnell blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “Look, I know how to deal. I made three big deals with Joe Biden during the Obama administration. The problem here is the speaker’s reluctance to make a deal. “

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McGrath is a former Marine Corps fighter pilot.

McConnell said, “He mentioned that he was in the Marines about every other sentence.” I think his whole preaching: She’s a Marine, she’s a mother, and I was [in Washington] It’s too late. “

“Senator,” McGrath replied, “you’ve been there for 36 years. What does it look like, Kentucky?”

As McConnell’s “one job,” as the Senate’s majority leader, he said, “To help America pass the law right now to keep our economy afloat so that people can finish.

“And without doing that he is now trying to ram instead of negotiating through the Supreme Court nominee, which he should have done all summer.”

McGraw echoed Democrats’ arguments at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington. Nominated candidate of the present Supreme Court, Amy Connie Barrett, will help bring the Affordable Care Act.

McConnell argued: “No one believes the Supreme Court will overturn the Affordable Care Act.”

The court will hear a challenge to health care reform signed by Barack Obama on November 10. Few observers prefer the possibility of an ACA before a -3–3 conservative court.

In the Kentucky debate, McConnell repeatedly mentioned that Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, who will lead the chamber if Democrats take office in November, is from New York.

“It’s not complicated,” he said. “Do you want someone from New York to set the agenda for America and not be too interested in Kentucky? Or do you want to find Kentucky one of the four congressional leaders from our state, with the opportunity to punch Kentucky more than its weight, giving Kentucky extra support?

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“That’s the question. He’ll move it all to New York. I’ll keep it in Kentucky.”

Observers were quick to point out that the Republican president with whom McConnell is working, Donald Trump, also came from New York.

McGrath posted strong fundraising figures. Speaking to the Associated Press on Monday, McConnell adviser Josh Holmes said that “although money can buy you a lot of TV commercials,” McGrath will never “get enough money to buy.” [enough] Liberal voters. “

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