U.S. Election Results: Sections of America feel ‘deeper and more impatient’

After spontaneous dancing in the streets after Joe Biden won the election, Washington is once again a subjugated city.

“The stores are still in the final stages because we don’t know the results yet,” explained one cashier.

The White House behind the high security fence is virtually out of sight, and driving has begun to rain.

What has divided America in recent years is now felt deeper and deeper.

Woke up in many places for election night - and some still couldn't bring it down
Woke up in many places for election night – and some still couldn’t bring it down

There is still a story in town for news networks.

CNN has published an endless guest list of former White House staffers, state governors and securitates, criticizing Donald Trump’s concerns and warning of the consequences if he does not keep quiet and leave soon.

Fox News, Trump’s trusted cheerleader for a long time, seems to be divided among himself.

Two years ago, White House spokeswoman Kylie McKinney held a news conference accusing a Democratic party of fraud.

As he did, the channel told the presenter “If he doesn’t have more details I can’t show it to you face to face”.

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‘This election is not over. Away from it ‘- McKenney

The following evening, however, Mrs. McKenney returned to Fox, this time as a guest with Trump’s superfan Sean Hannity.

The two channels reflect a country tired, confused and growing impatience in the ongoing political uncertainty.

Counting continues in many states, and Joe Biden is extending his leadership in most cases.

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The final margin of his victory will be considerable enough to be resolved by the end, and now more foreign leaders have congratulated him than the Republican senator (4).

Pope Francis
Even the Pope has now called Joe Biden – but political rights are still being eroded

Even Pope Francis is now elected president and is still calling for Washington’s political rights.

A “million-person march” in support of the current president has been promised for Saturday. It probably won’t be a million people and it certainly won’t change the result, but it could be bad and more social unrest could throw another dangerous momentum into the mix.

Donald Trump is fiery and active on Twitter but has rarely been seen in public and has yet to be heard.

Donald Trump is leaving his golf club in Virginia on Sunday
In the days following the election, Donald Trump is leaving his golf club in Virginia

We are told that he will say something if the moment is right, but his self-imposed imprisonment at the White House is unfortunate for anyone who likes to speak out and react.

The more the post-election silence is maintained, the more President-elect Biden will be able to take his place in the leadership, his transition team, a quid-task force, and soon his White House staff.

This is the epidemic that is rapidly deteriorating and the coming months will be very difficult for the United States.

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