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After millions of Americans cast their ballots this week, the results have finally been counted and Democrat rival Mr Biden is expected to be the next US president.

But outgoing President Mr. Trump has consistently claimed to have started voter fraud and several legal battles without proof.

Now, former MP George Galloway has called the election a “coup” and said they “never gave him power” at the time Mr Trump was elected.

Speaking to Russian state-run media, RT America, Mr Galloway said: “Munila, if they go so far as to save themselves from Donald Trump, who has just been shaken by conventional orthodoxy, imagine that Barney Sanders was on Tuesday. Was on the ballot.

“God knows how far they were ready to go.

“You never persuade me, I’m sorry, it’s not a coup.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“Donald Trump took office a minute after he was elected, but they never gave him power.

“And they were determined to overthrow him at the first opportunity.

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Another said: “OK Gigi is always on top of money, right at the mark and spot.

“Something else is expected.”

Someone else said: “Sath fully agrees that this was a tried coup at the moment of Trump’s arrival, and some may say that he could have had a chance to fight another election.”

Another added: “That’s right George! It was not one coup attempt, there were several.

“The issue of election theft is not over and we are going to the Supreme Court.

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“The media can’t declare an election winner (they can” project “whatever they want).”

Another person simply wrote: “I totally agree. The evidence is irrefutable. “

Earlier this week, a number of Republicans distanced themselves from Mr. Trump and demanded vote fraud.

Others say Mr. Trump will refuse to leave the White House even if he loses the election.

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