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Top Philadelphia prosecutor warns Donald Trump not to call supporters As the city continues to protest the police killing of Walter Wallace Jr.

Mr. President, “Keep your proud son, hooligan squad and unsuspecting ‘pole watchdogs’ away from our city,” District Attorney Larry Krasner wrote. “Break the law here, and I’ve got something for you.”

Philadelphia has a big job to do, including counting cities or more mail-in ballots in the suburbs of the convention center, which began on election morning.

The decision to vote in Pennsylvania can be made through the Philadelphia vote, and the whole nation can come down to Pennsylvania. So the bet is high.

Enough, vote / Walter Wallace Jr. RIP

Enough, Vote / Walter Wallace Jr. RIP Photograph: Mark Mecca / Getty Images

Officials have suggested that efforts to count votes in the city, which processed only 6,000 absent ballots in 2016, will not be completed on election night and will probably take several days.

There are concerns that Trump and his surrogates will try to prevent Philadelphia from counting every vote, citing Krasner’s caution.

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To Trump the Philadelphia DA: “Keep your proud boys, the hooligan squad, and the ‘pole proctor’ away from our town, Mr. President. Break the law here and I got something for you.” pic.twitter.com/v9DCKFMBmJ

October 29, 2020

The Guardian’s Miranda Bryant reports on the situation in Philadelphia, where there is an overnight curfew:

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Wednesday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Wednesday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Civil rights activists have strongly questioned the way police departments across the United States are handling people suffering from a mental health problem, not just Wallace’s shooting.

After the assassination, hundreds took to the streets of Pennsylvania to shout Wallace’s name and demand racial justice and equality. Clashes with police and some vandalism began after peaceful protests on Tuesday. Authorities say more than 90 people have been arrested and about 50 police officers injured in clashes between protesters and vandals.

Protests continued before the curfew at 9pm on Wednesday.

Wallace’s relatives called for peace on Wednesday.

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