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The first thing we need to know before we know why your router’s addresses are 192.168.xx, what is the IP address, who is it for, what are the types or how many are there. It is convenient to clarify what they are and how they work, where the IP addresses are and what the numbers correspond to.

What is an IP Address?

Ip address is one Code or number set Which serves as an identification or license plate. It acts as an identity in a network or in a global set of Internet. That is, it can be an IP address that works to identify them in general on the Internet or within an internal network if you want to isolate or identify different devices. In this case, for example, the “internal” IP address would allow us Know which computer has each ip To find out who did what, though we will explain it in depth in the next paragraph so that you can understand it better.

As we say, it’s kind of Registration that identifies us in both the internal network and the external network y stands for Internet Protocol. Do IP addresses allow us to manage communication in the network and each address is unique and does not repeat itself. No device has the same IP address simultaneously, these codes are not repeated at the same time.

How are they made?

IP addresses, connected to both routers and any other device, are made up of 32-bit codes that are simple and this is why we use four numeric sets. Four numerical sets that we normally distinguish from numerals. That is, it would be something like “xxx.yyy.zz.aa” or the classic 192.168.xx of the router we have As explained in the previous paragraph. The values ​​in each of the set of decimal numbers in the IP address are between 0 and 255 and these values, as we have explained, are separated from each other by periods.

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Ip type

We know what it is and how it is formed (32-bit codes are divided into four numerical sets …) but there is not only one type, there are many. Although we will not go into details about dynamic or static IPs, we want to know that there are public IP addresses and private IP addresses. The public is what it is Identity on the internet, The ones that are handed to us when we are going to surf and our internet providers give it to us. On the other hand, there are private IP addresses that identify us in the same network.

Private ip

These are what make us interested in knowing why the router is 192.168.xx, these private IP addresses are intended Identify each device within the same network. For example, at home, an IP address will be kept by your mobile phone, another address will be held by your computer, another address will be kept at home by a video surveillance camera and another by your tablet, for example. It is assigned so that each device is discoverable on the same network.

Ip dell router: 192.168.xx

We already understand what IPs are and their types. Between private IP addresses we find that the address of our router is always 192.168.xx or almost always at least. Why? Many manufacturers use this IP automatically so that you enter the administration panel or configuration of the router (you can try to use in the browser bar and you will access the router) usually access the router. For, it is usually This can also be different and other options such as are used. Both allow us to access the router to examine it.

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we have to remontarnos 1996 To recall the time when the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) was forced to determine IPv4 Address Range For internal use, ie, assignment of IP addresses internally, within a Closed network. These IP addresses are not available on the public Internet, but are within the local network. Ok, the first thing you should know is You can connect 253 devices to one router 192.168.0.x as configured within your home network

IP addresses, in terms of their allocation, are limited by a number: 4,294,967,296 IP addresses. And if each device on the Internet used its own IP address, then obviously, we would end up with IP available for many years really fast. Yes number of Devices on the internet This figure is far higher. In this way, they reserved Three blocks of IP addresses for the local network:

  • – (Class A) – 16,777,216 addresses.
  • 172.16.00 – (Class B) – 1,048,576 addresses.
  • – (Class C) – 65,536 addresses.

Considering these Possible cases, A router is even more limited with a range 192.168.0.x, Where the last digit is the only variable Between 0 and 255. Here, one of the addresses is assigned to the network and the other to the broadcast, then they are 253 possible assignments.

What if I need more than 253 IP addresses?

If you are going to connect more than 253 devices simultaneously to the network, which is unlikely, we can choose either of the other two IP address assignment formats, for which we need to change some aspects of the network configuration Will happen. In this sense, the smaller the network, the easier it is to maintain. So it is mentioned above Why IP Addresses are 192.168.xx In the field of local networks, although we already know that the possibilities can be expanded.

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Know what is the IP of my devices

Of router

Your router can be That IP address is not assigned But we can easily know what variety it is. You can find out from CMD or your computer’s command console, but also from MacOS.

  • Open your computer
  • Go to the start menu
  • Look for CMD or Command console
  • It will open command prompt
  • Teclea ipconfig
  • Intro or enter on your keyboard

Ver and Windows

A series of information will appear here, including “default gateway“Four number with block code. This will happen Gateway or ip address Connected to your router and what you should do.

With an Apple computer you can also:

  • Go to system preferences
  • Open network section
  • Find the connection you are using
  • Touch In advanced … “

Check ip address of a router on mac

Here you will see, as you can see in the image, a section called “router”, with a set of four numeric blocks where you will see the IP addresses. The logical thing is That address is But it can vary slightly and it can also end in 1.1, as we have explained.

From another device

To know the IP address of another device, you can do it through the free Fing mobile application. This is an app that you can use on Android and iOS and it allows us to scan all devices connected to the same network. this Allows us to identify IP addresses Each device in the house and thus a control or intruder is identified. This is very simple, just turn it on and connect to your wifi network and you will see the device name (or brand of phone, for example) and assigned IP.


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