Tyne North Mayor Jamie Driscoll has branded the government’s three-tier system a ‘fiasco’

The mayor of Tyne identified the North Government’s three-tier local lockdown system as a brand to declare “fiasco” because he promised not to agree to Tier 3 without financial support.

Mayor Jamie Driscoll opened the door on Friday, Oct. 2, to local leaders about how the new measures were unveiled.

In a column for the Chronicle, Mr Driscoll said he and other local leaders had briefed a government official after a last-minute video conference with ministers was canceled.

He wrote: “An hour later we knew for sure whether we could be in Tier 2 or Tier 3, which meant that some businesses or others could be closed or not, and an indefinite person could decide on what basis and We do not know with what evidence. The world is beating.

“Then the government’s propaganda machine announced on national television, radio and print that we would have a meaningful engagement.”

Mr Driscoll said during the meeting that civil servants were unable to say what the criteria were or who had decided to move the coronavirus from one level to another.

After asking what the bans were, local authority leaders were told, “Pubs will be closed. And probably restaurants. Or maybe not. And gyms, and soft sports. But not universities, there are more than a thousand lawsuits per Newcastle despite having two universities.” ”

They were further told that no minister was “available” to call, Mr Driscoll said.

He said he had spoken with other northern mayors who had “the same physocos,” and called a press conference to find out why Tier 2 regions would not receive any support to prevent them from relocating to Tier 3.

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Mr Driscoll said the move could put 59,000 jobs in the Northeast at risk.

He writes: “Why was the national level 70%, when the answer is only 67 67% furlough? Why are so many people not being covered? Businesses forced to close will only get support. Those who do not run public premises get nothing. Freelancer, Entertainer, Gig Economist, Micro Breweries, Full Supply Chain 59,000 jobs in the North East

“On Monday morning, the government found a number of cabinet ministers and senior advisers to the prime minister. It’s the kind of affection that puts pressure on the media.

“We have received a holding response. We may or may not go to Tier 3 We have pressed, where will it prove? Why can’t we get support in Tier 2 now to keep our people safe? The silence was deaf. “

The mayor said: “Cross party, local leaders are one on this issue. We will not agree to go to Tier 3 and make a living unless we find evidence that it will keep people safe, or we will not receive financial support to protect our people. No one is left behind.

“The fact of the matter is, if the virus is spreading in any area, it should be stopped. Otherwise you have moved the problem elsewhere. Most businesses are taking their responsibilities seriously and doing a cracking job to keep people safe. And nothing. However, the powers to shut down unsuitable businesses are weak, and are subject to long legal challenges.

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He said on Friday the leaders “finally received a briefing with the deputy chief medical officer, a minister and 10 senior consultants” which was “professional and evidence-based” and concluded that existing sanctions and the Northeast should be at Level 2, evidence If not change.

Mr Driscoll wrote: “We are in Tier 2 right now. We still don’t know the criteria by which the Prime Minister will transfer us to Tier 3, if we do, we can communicate it and build public support. ”

The Prime Minister announced a three-tier system last Monday to further simplify the scope of various restrictions already in place across parts of England.

He said the growing number of chronoviruses in the UK was “shining on us like a passenger jet dashboard warning”.

He also told lawmakers he did not believe the “right path” would be to bring the country back to national lockdown.

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