Two Spanish farmers accused of exploiting Morocco

Police arrested two Spanish businessmen with a strawberry farm in Huelva for exploiting foreign immigrants, most of whom are of Moroccan nationality, El Diario revealed, which specifies that the defendants are suspected of fraud and scam.

In fact, two farmers illegally employed Moroccan immigrants in an unregulated position, without work contracts. The latter had to pay more than 5,000 euros to his employers to obtain a work certificate that would allow him to regularize his administrative position. After promising to report them, the employers broke their promises.

The same source reports that the two businessmen may have hired and welcomed Moroccan immigrants to their farms for many years in hopeless conditions. In addition to depriving them of their social rights and especially social security, migrants have been exploited in the strawberry harvest, facing degrading treatment and humiliation, says El Diario, who says that among the employees One is suffering from an incurable disease, which was put to rest as his condition worsened.

Based on a complaint by an employee, the police in Huelva arrested two Spanish farmers under investigation under the supervision of the Office of the Competent Public Prosecutor.

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