Two slavery statues in London were removed

The United Kingdom has been created to question its American colonial past and its symbols, in protest against the death of a black American George Floyd killed by a black policeman in the United States who resurfaced last year in Black Lives Matter movement.

The district of the City of London, from its historic seat, in the center of the British capital, announced the withdrawal of two statues of politicians who had prospered due to slavery in the 17th and 18th centuries. “The trade of slaves is a blot in our history, and those who take advantage of it do not measure up to a modern, multi-ethnic city”, Explained Caroline Eddy, who co-directs the city’s working group against racism.

The group recommended the removal of these statues, which were supported on Thursday 21 January. The City of London plans to replace them with other works of art and build a new monument related to the slave trade.

The statues are those of William Beckford (1709–1770), a former Lord Mayor of London, who made his fortune in Jamaica by owning plantations and African slaves, and merchant, MP and philanthropist John Cass (16–17–1718) Royal African An officer of the company, particularly active in the slave trade.

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