Two people rescued after being lost at sea for 29 days

It’s a thrill they won’t soon forget. Two residents of the Oceania archipelago Solomon Islands were rescued after spending 29 days at sea, The Guardian reported Friday, October 8. On September 3, two men were traveling aboard a seven-metre boat between two islands in the unpredictable Solomon Sea. But hours after their outing begins, they get caught in a storm and lose sight of the ground.

They then face extreme conditions “in heavy rain, thick dark clouds and strong winds”, reports The Independent, detailing one of the two victims on Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation television. The situation worsens for both the sailors as their GPS batteries run out and night draws near. They then turn off their boat’s engine to save fuel, spending the first night in wind and rain, while their boat sails on the Solomon Sea.

rain water and coconut

The wait for two people to be rescued will go on for 29 days. For the first nine days, the sailors dined on oranges they had brought for the voyage. Once their reserves were exhausted, they were saved by rain water, coconuts “and our faith in God as we pray day and night”, a description of one of the two races which continues: “Several days After, because we prayed, God gave us the idea to make an instrument for sailing”.

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They then build a mast-shaped structure “using paddles and canvas” before setting sail “following the direction of the wind.” The Guardian says a system that takes their boat to the island of New Britain in Papua New Guinea is more than 400 kilometers from their starting point. There, they are spotted by a fisherman who ends their long drift. Both men are now awaiting their return to the Solomon Islands.

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