Two partnerships to encourage girls’ interest in science and technology

Square Enix Montreal announced its financial support to Scientific and Technovation Montreal, two Quebec organizations working to strengthen the interest of girls aged 8 to 18 in the fields of science and technology.

This initiative of Square Enix Montreal Gaming Studio was started in collaboration with Montreal movement girls and codes Contribution Montreal. It aims to encourage school persistence and strengthen self-esteem as well as help promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) among young girls.

The support of Square Enix Montreal will help the programs reach more participants.

  • Scientist Provides young girls aged 8 to 17 from disadvantaged neighborhood programs that include homework assistance, various scientific activities, and support for the development of science fair projects.
  • Technovation Montreal There is an international competition for the creation of mobile applications aimed at developing technical and entrepreneurial skills in girls aged 10 to 18 years.

“Thanks to this new partnership, we will be able to add an additional group, 10 girls, two evenings after school, giving them academic support and a period of fun and enriching science activities. Encouraging girls to become interested in STEM, motivating them to study science and pursue careers in these fields, has been at the heart of our mission for over 30 years … and Square Enix Montreal It will allow us to continue even more girls, ”says Wally Bilodeau, executive director, Les Scientifines.

Consult sites Scientist And Technovation Montreal to find out more.

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