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Discover Science hunter ! Every other Saturday, immerse yourself in an immersion with adventurers and researchers, patients and heroines who have written the short and great history of science.

The editorial team is meeting you on Patreon now!

On what topics are editorial staff mobilized? How have the teams moved forward on the new formats and what is your opinion on them? Or which episode do you want to vote for in our next podcast?

We are discussing all these topics on the Patreon platform right now! Also, votes for the next episode of Science Hunters are running out soon, with still time to participate!

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What is Patrian?

Patrian, A funding platform for content creators that encourages Internet users to support their favorite publishers Via Monthly Subscription System. These subscriptions are non-binding and make it possible to derive benefits offered by the publisher, such as for example “ad-free” modes.

Why support us on Patreon?

100% independent media since its birth (1is July 2001), Futura believes more than ever in his primary ambition for quality, rigorous and objective information (and popularization), in this time of growing distrust of science and fake news. with Demand for a team of journalists, And access to the expertise of many scientists, the editorial staff puts you at the center of news on a daily basis and provides you with an in-depth analysis based on reliable sources.

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This work of decryption and research has a cost: Today, like many media, Futura pays its authors exclusively through advertising. We are now considering a turn to other alternative funding models, while continuing to provide our readers with the quality and reading facilities they are entitled to.

Our desire with Patreon is to be able to create a beautiful community Futureouts To create and visualize editorial projects together that make sense, gather your opinions and better meet your expectations to guide some of our decisions.

So, if you like our articles, if you follow scientific news with the same enthusiasm and eagerness as ours, if you want to support our editorial teams to work on creating new partnership projects, Become a contributor On the Patreon stage!

Today we offer two subscription plans without any obligation, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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To access Patrion, you can click on the golden star at the top right of the Futura logo on the website: this is the member’s area that allows you to subscribe and identify yourself.

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