Two Grenoble professors accused Islamophobia scientists of IEP walls

On this Thursday, their names were posted in large letters at the entrance of the establishment, next to the words “fascists” or “Islamophobia kills”. Both teachers now fear for their safety and their family.

On this Thursday, March 4, two professors of Signs Po Grenoble, on the occasion of the “unpleasant surprise” of discovering their names written in large letters on the walls of their IEP.University»Savings which some union officials of the school have been engaged in for many weeks in a movement against the management.

«Fascist in our lecture hall“And”Kills Islamophobia»: A particular science can be read here next to the main entrance to Po Grenoble, next to the names of the two professors called to resign by the authors of these collages. The face of one of the two professors, carved but easily recognizable, was also plastered next to these slogans. If the postings were withdrawn in the afternoon after the facts, they would have been relayed by several accounts on social networks on the other hand, notably in the conflict Page Grenoble, which frequently publishes publications and press releases of Central Syndicale Day.

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