Twitter wants to let you know when the discussion heats up

Twitter, it is the social network that is known for its overflow of users, with the major clashes that we find less for example in the Facebook ecosystem – even though the latter faces other problems for its part -. A mode of operation that is nothing new, neither for customers, nor explicitly for the direction of the social network, which tries at regular intervals to propose solutions to improve security. And A new initiative is currently on the rails, with a feature being tested by Twitter that makes it possible to alert someone that the discussion is heated..

which led, If you come across a discussion where participants are heating up, Twitter will warn you with a small blue insert. And if you still want to participate in the discussions, Blue Bird Network will remind you of a few small prerequisites to make the “vibe” of the discussion as good as possible.. At the moment, the so-called “heads up” feature is in the testing phase on both Android and iOS. At the present time it is difficult to know whether this will be generalized, such as what led to the idea of ​​”super follow”, or abandoned at all.

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