Twitter: “Cancel tweet” option reserved for subscribers?

You may have a time when you wanted to cancel a post posted on Twitter. In fact, a few seconds of thought would have helped you. In addition, it may be that many Twitter users are in the same position for you, at which point Twitter has decided to consider adding this feature to its options.

Twitter confirms to work on new options but does not say more

An application researcher, Jen Manchun Wong, actually found that the company was testing several features for its platform, including a tweet to cancel a tweet. She discovered this information in a survey asking Twitter users what features they would add to the platform they would be willing to pay.

In fact, the function “cancel tweet” may in fact only be available under the guise of subscription. In any case, if this paid party has not been confirmed, Twitter still confirmed to CNet that it was indeed testing new options for its social networks.

It remains to be seen when and under what conditions Twitter will launch its new options.

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