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Who hasn’t dreamed of being one of those cyborgs in sci-fi movies, half human, half machine? Well, there are some who just don’t dream! Meet two cyborgs of flesh and bone (and silicone) who have decided to take the plunge by implanting cybernetic devices into their bodies: Neil Harbison, an artist who can hear colors thanks to antennae implanted in his skull, and Moon Ribas, who can feel earthquakes anywhere in the world thanks to sensors implanted in the body.

See you on Twitch, Thursdays at 5:30 p.m.

TookThose two cyborgs will answer all your questions about your technologies, Transhumanism (Humans Enhanced by Technology),s “Transspec”this is” (From Mans who acquiredFeathert characteristics of other animals) and the future ofhomo sapiens This Thursday 23 September at 5.30 pm on magazine channel. He will also be accompanied by the Editor-in-Chief of Digital Division science and the future Olivier Lascar and our scientific journalist Nicolas Gutierrez C., who will talk about his book homo machines (ed. Vuibert), A worldwide survey on the future of humans augmented by technology.

the future is now

Do you want to be a cyborg too? You’re in luck, because Moon and Neil created the Cyborg Foundation, with which they help other people create new senses through technology, and implant them in their own bodies. So if you have any questions about cyborgs or any thoughts about what you can do with your body to become one, feel free to talk to these two pioneers. Because the future (and cyberpunk?) is now!

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