Twitch is opening up a sub-challenge for some streamers in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy

Twitch is reporting Subchallenge is a tiered giveaway incentive program, but this time for select streamers in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.

The streaming platform rolled out its incentive program last September, during which event subscriptions will be discounted. Creators who reach subscriber goals of 100 to 5,000 members receive specific rewards at the end of the month, depending on their final position. The cheap ones range from inexpensive Twitch-branded bags to full-featured streaming deck bags.

This first version of SUBChallenge, formerly known as the Subtember Subathon Challenge, is limited to 500 streamers from North America. But aside from the September event, Twitch has expanded its program to select streamers from European countries. Twitch recruited 100 people in Italy, 150 people in the UK, 150 people in Spain, 300 people in France and 300 people in Germany. jack bassy,

Although the Sub-Challenge is essentially the same programme, the divisions have changed somewhat in terms of the sub-objectives. As seen on the official info page, Twitch lists different levels and sub-targets that are the same for each country, but convert Euros to Pounds for the UK.

  • 250 subscribers: Twitch beanie and 20 euro amazon voucher
  • 750 Followers: Twitch Scarf, Twitch Metal Mug, $20 Amazon Voucher, and Ring Light
  • 1,500 subscribers: Twitch bag, Twitch scarf, 35 euro Amazon voucher and Amazon Fire TV Cube
  • 2,500 followers: Twitch beanie, Twitch bag, Twitch water bottle, Sonos One and $50 Amazon voucher
  • 5,500 subscribers: Twitch Beanie, Twitch Travel Bag, Twitch Metal Cup, Twitch Water Bottle, Oculus Quest 2, Compatible PC and 50 Euro Amazon Voucher
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The sub-challenge will start on 11th April and all the participants will receive their prizes at the end of the month on 24th April. Recording is still pending.

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