Twenty-Scots self-destruct after playing football with a coronavirus-infected colleague

At least 20 police officers in Donnie have been self-destructing while playing football with a colleague who had the coronavirus.

Four Scottish police officers based in the city tested positive after a seven-a-side game.

An officer checked in shortly after playing with his teammates, forcing the rest of the players and their families to separate.

No official had any suggestions for violating coronavirus regulations or guidelines.

It is understood that some of the officers involved have partners in the force, which means at least 20 workers are now isolated and unable to work.

A source said: “They played a game of seven-a-side football and then a positive test between them.

“The authorities immediately told everyone involved in the game to disassociate, but most of them have police partners and they also had to disassociate.

“Obviously they all communicated with a lot of other people.

“I think there are more than 20 police officers who have been separated for two weeks and their offices have to be thoroughly cleaned.

“If you think about the number of police on duty in Dundee at any given time, it means a lot of crisis.”

Police Scotland stressed that there are adequate authorities at the national level to deal with local crises due to outbreaks.

According to current national coronavirus guidelines, organized outdoor sports can proceed subject to certain rules of each activity.

A Scotland Police spokesman said: “Police are following Scottish Government and health guidelines in Scotland and where cases of coronavirus are detected, we work with local health boards and follow testing and safety procedures.

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“We have adequate capacity and a national service police can provide Scotland with the resources it needs.”

The rules of the Scottish Football Association for recreational games say that five- and seven-party-organized games can go ahead, if they are in official venues and contain the right size pitch.

A seven-a-side pitch or court can have 14 players and three coaches.

There is no need for distance socially outside of players but coaches are a must.

A distance of two meters should be maintained inside and around the scene.

Stricter bans were imposed in the central belt earlier this month, banning recreational communication sports for at least two weeks.

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