Tweets run for Kanye West president

This will definitely be a “Late Registration”.

Kanye West announced on Saturday that he was a candidate for president.

“Now we must fulfill the promise of America by relying on God, uniting our vision and building our future. I’m running to the United States president. ” Chicago rapper tweeted With “# 2020VISION”.

The post of his second album, “Late Recording”, received over 200,000 likes in an hour.

But the 2020 run would be an almost impossible task for the “Jesus King” artist, and it is unclear whether it is serious.

An incredibly late July announcement means that the West has missed deadlines for two large parties and almost all government principles.

Six states had passed the application deadline to register as an independent state candidate; many of these are with the most popular college votes such as New York and Texas.

An incredibly late July announcement means that the West has missed deadlines and almost all government principles.

He would also be struggling with his favorite politician.

West has given some disdain to fans over the years to proudly wear the “Rebuilding the American” hat in President Trump’s great support and public appearances.

The rapper did not mention a White House running in the White House. GQ feature In May. Having stated that he was not registered to vote before, he made sure to publish it for the 2020 elections.

“This time I’m definitely voting. And we know who I voted for, ”said West.

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“And it won’t be said that my career will end by the people around me and the people who have the agenda.

“Because guess what happened: I’m still here! The King of Jesus was number 1! “

West hinted that he was satisfied with Trump due to his real estate situation.

“I buy real estate. Now it’s better than Obama is in office, ”said West GQ’s chief editor Will Welch.

“They don’t teach you to buy property at school. They teach you how to be someone’s property. “

The West is expected to receive at least one vote.

“I have full support!” his friend Elon Musk, tweeted.

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