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Brother, sure there have been a lot of deals on this Prime Day, right? And we’re still on the first day! Here are the very best Prime Day 2020 deals, including the necessary upgrades for PC gaming, the best discounted 4K TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X, bright headphones and a few more carefully selected tech deals.

Note that we have included agreements from the United States and the United Kingdom – sadly American and British arms Amazon has so far refused to give the same agreement to residents of both nations. Maybe one day! Until then, please be careful about choosing deals for the country you live in.

Before we move on to the highlights, adopted by Digital Foundry, please consider the following টুইটdealsfoundry on Twitter, Appeared first in these deals!

Now, let’s get started. Click or scroll the quick links below!


4K TV (UK)

LG CX OLED 4K HDR TV – 55 inch LED TV, HDMI 2.1, 4K 120Hz support, HDMI VRR, G-sync, FreeSink, DolbyVision, LED panel. Curse Cur 1399, less than £ 1.99.

LG Nano 90 Nanocell 4K HDR TV – Full array local dimming (folded) with 65 inch TV, HDMI 2.1, 4K 120Hz support, HDMI VRR, FreeSink, DolbyVision, IPS panel. 10 999 on Amazon less than Amazon 109.

LG Nano 86 Nanocell 4K HDR TV – 49 inch TV, HDMI 2.1, 4K 120Hz support, HDMI VRR, Free Sense, DolbyVision, IPS panel. Carriage 699, down 8 899.

Philips Ambilite OLED754 – 65 inch 4K LED TV, DolbyVision + HDR10 + support, 60HZ, LED panel. RO 1449 on eBay with PRODUCT5 code below PRODU 1549.

4K TV (US)

Sony X900H – 65 inch 4K HDR TV with 4K 120Hz support, all HDMI 2.1 features, LED panel. Sony’s official PlayStation 5 Ready TV. Best bought at $ 1000, less than 00 1600.

Samsung Q80T QLED – QLED TV with full HDMI 2.1 support, 4K 120Hz, HDMI VRR, FreeSink, QLED panel.

Samsung Q90T QLED – 55 inch QLED TV with full HDMI 2.1 support, 4K 120Hz, HDMI VRR, FreeSink, QLED panel. Similar to the Q80T but with higher brightness, contrast and gradient performance. Best bought at $ 1300, less than 00 1500.

Sony A8H OLED – 55-inch OLED 60Hz with limited gorgeous color, great HDR, superior speed handling and wide viewing angles. Ideal for TV and movies, or 60fps gaming. Buy Best Buy below 2300 13 1300.

Samsung Q60T QLED – 55 inch QLED TV limited to 60Hz. 60fps is good for gaming, TV or movies. Buy Best Buy below 59 798.

We have more 4K TV Prime Day deals here!


Monitor (UK)

Dell Alienware AW3420DW D – 34 inch, 3440×1440, 120Hz, G-sync, curved IPS panel. Dell UK with digitalfoundRI code at £ 892, down to 1289.

Samsung Odyssey G7 – 27 inch, 2560×1440, 240Hz, G-sync, curved VA panel. 5 430 from Amazon 550 to Amazon.

Acer Nitro VG240 – 24 inches, 1920×1080, 75Hz, Freesink, IPS panel. Less than, 98,129 on Amazon.

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Asus Tuf Gaming VG 279 km – 27 inches, 1920×1080, 280Hz, G-sync, display HDR400, IPS panel. 32 9,329 on Amazon, less than 0 370.

Samsung HG90 – 49 inch, 3840×1080, 144Hz, FreeSync, Curved Quantum Dot VA panel. 20 20,620 on Amazon, less than 8 850.

Monitor (US)

LG 34GK950F – 34 inch, 3440×1440, 144Hz, display HDR400, curved VA panel. Amazon 797 On Amazon, less than 00 1200.

LG 27UK850 – 27 inches, 3840×2160, 60Hz, HDR10, USB-C, IPS panel. Less than $ 380, down 450 on Amazon.

BenQ EW2780U – 27 inches, 3840×2160, 60Hz, HDR10, USB-C, IPS panel. $ 400 on Amazon, less than 50 550.

AOPEN 27 HC5R – 27-inch, 1920×1080, 165Hz, freesink, curved VA panel. Less than, 170,250 on Amazon.

BenQ EX2780Q – 27 inches, 2560×1440, 144Hz, FreeSink, IPS panel. Less than $ 400,600 on Amazon.

Dell Alienware AW3420DW D – 34 inches, 3440×1440, 120Hz, G-sync, IPS panel. $ 849 on Amazon, less than 00 1200.

ViewSonic XG2560 – 25 inches, 1920×1080, 240Hz, G-sync, TN panel. Less than $ 300,470 on Amazon.

ViewSonic XG2760 – 27 inch 2560×1440, 165Hz, G-sync, TN panel. 38 385 on Amazon, less than $ 560.


SSD and HDD storage (UK)

WD 14TB External HDD – Ideal for use with games console, PC or anything else, huge USB-connected external hard drive. £ 185 on Amazon, নিচে 250 below.

Subrant Rocket 1TB NVM SSD – Reliable PCIe 3.0 is ideal for use on drives, PCs, laptops or USB enclosures. £ 94 on Amazon, down £ 130.

Subrant Rocket Q1 TB NVM SSD – Fast PCI 3.0 drive without Dream Cache, ideal for game storage. Amazon 7, less than ড 130 on Amazon.

Subrant Rocket Q2 TB NVM SSD – Fast PCI 3.0 drive without drum cache, but this time it’s bigger. 300 240 on Amazon less than Amazon 300.

Crisial X8 Portable SSD 1TB – Extremely fast external storage for PCs or consoles up to 1000MB / s; I use it every day. Less than £ 115,153 on Amazon.

Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD 2TB – Fast external storage for PCs or consoles, up to 550 MB / sec. Other sizes and a faster ‘Pro’ version available. 32 220 on Amazon less than Amazon 322.

WD Blue SN550 1TB NVM SSD – Between the best STA and the best NVM drive, good quality mid-point is rated up to 2400 MB / sec. Amazon 85 85, less than 95 95.

WD Black SN750 NVM SSD – Rated up to 3470MB / s, comes with integrated heatsink for better durable performance on PCs. £ 150 on Amazon, less than 8 178.

SSK NVM 10 Gbps SSD perimeter – Use any NVM drive to quickly convert to external storage for PCs or consoles. Amazon 23 on Amazon.

Crisial BX500 1TB SATA SSD – Drum-less SATA is good for SSD, game storage or other archive purposes. Less than, 72,92 on Amazon.

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Crucial MX500 1TB SATA SSD – SATSD, including drum cache, makes it faster in random writing, better for OS or game storage. £ 80 on Amazon, less than 100 100.

STA cable from Statac USB 3.1 – Use SATA SSDs like the BX500 above, to quickly convert these to external storage. 17 17 on Amazon.

SSD and HDD storage (US)

Seagate Ironwolf 8 TB – The super reliable NAS hard drive is rated up to 7200 rpm. Neuege is less than $ 180,223.

Nokia 870 Kivo – Good price SATA SSD with QLC NAND, means you get more gigabytes per dollar but random writing performance is worse, it’s not as good as an OS drive. For games storage though this is brilliant, especially when adding 10 Gbps USB to the SATA adapter as we have shown with the Series X below $ 450, 500.

WD Blue 2TB SATA SSD – Reliable SSD rated at 560 MB / s for reading, good for laptops, desktops or games consoles when connected to a USB enclosure or adapter from an SAT. Less than, 176,230 on Amazon.

WD Black 2TB P50 Game Drive – Connected via USB, fast NVM SSD external drive. 500GB and 1TB are available on Amazon for less than $ 350,500.

Samsung T7 Portable SSD 1TB – Fast external SSD, rated up to 1050MB / s on Amazon for less than $ 160, ড 200.

XPG SX8200 Pro 2TB NVM SSD – Super-fast internal SSD, rated up to 3500 MB / sec. 250 250 on Amazon, less than 330.

Nokia 870 Kivo 2TB – We used that great valuable SATA SSD for our Series X test. 21 200 from Amazon 210 to Amazon.


Rats and keyboards (UK)

King’s Viper – Wired ultra-light gaming mouse with opto-mechanical switches. From Amazon 33 to Amazon, less than 65.

Razor Viper Ultimate – Wireless ultra-light gaming mouse with opto-mechanical switch. Down 100, down 130 130 on Amazon

Logitech G502 Hero Special Edition – The most popular gaming mouse with infinite scroll wheel and 11 programmable buttons. Less than Amazon 35 on Amazon.

Logitech G203 Lightsike – Light, good quality gaming mouse with RGB light. £ 20, less than ড 35 on Amazon.

Steel series competition 600 – Great premium gaming mouse with RGB light, removable weight and a good feel. 44 44 from Amazon 44 to Amazon.

Asus ROG Streaks Scope TKL – Compact mechanical keyboard with large CTRL key. Amazon 112 on Amazon, less than 140.

Course K70 MK2 – Full fat mechanical keyboard with RGB lights, Cherry MX switches, volume wheel, media key. 95 95 on Amazon, less than 150.

Corsair K95 Platinum – Larger mechanical keyboard with RGB light, macro key, volume wheel and media key. Less than, 130, 185 185 on Amazon.

Razor Huntsman Tournament Edition – Compact keyboard with opto-mechanical switches. Less than, 89,125 on Amazon.

We have more Prime Day PC deals here in the US!

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Headphones & Headsets (UK)

SteelSeries Artis Pro Wireless – Great wireless gaming headphones for PS4, PS5 or PC. 20 204 on Amazon, less than 300 300.

Razor Kraken Tournament Edition – Wired gaming headset with THX spatial sound. Amazon 44 On Amazon, less than 100 100.

Sennheiser HD 599 Special Edition – Headphones to listen to legendary open-back critique. £ 95 on Amazon, 180 180 down.

Bose calm serenity 2 – Midnight blue melodic comfortable listening title. 21 210 on Amazon, less than 330.

Sennheiser M3 ABTXL speed – Wireless sound-canceling headphones with auto on / off. On Amazon for less than 25 9,259,339.

Bose SoundLink2 – Near-ear wireless headphones. 8,118 on Amazon, less than 200 200.

Bow and Wilkins PX7 – Wireless over-ear headphones with active sound cancellation. 9 229 on Amazon, less than 9 349.

Headphones & Headsets (US)

Sony WH-1000XM4 – Arguably the best sound is canceling over-the-air Bluetooth headphones, available with a $ 25 gift card. Less than 29 8,298,373 on Amazon.

Bose Cool Peace 35 Series 2 – Noise-canceling headphones are known for legendary comfort on Amazon for 200 200, less than 300.

Apple AirPods with charging case – Iconic white buds, available at their lowest prices. $ 115 on Amazon, নিচে 125 down.

Amazon Eco Bud – Really wireless in-ear headphones from Amazon with Alexa. Less than, 80,130 on Amazon.

HyperX Cloud II gaming headset – The legendary gaming headset is still used by CSGO sports professionals. $ 90 on Amazon, 100 100 down.


Consoles (UK)

Nintendo Switch Light Bundles – Your choice of color and games. 199 199 on Amazon was 5 215.


Laptops (UK)

2020 13-inch new MacBook Pro – 10th-Gen Core i5, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Touch Bar. 55 on Amazon less than 1555, 1799 dollars.

Asus Genbook 14 – Raizen 4500U, MX 350/8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD. Carries less than £ 729,899.

Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX 5৮1 LV – 10th-Gen Core i7, RTX 2060, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD. 22 2299 on Cares, less than £ 2599.

Asus Genbook 14 – Raizen 4700U, MX350, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD. Ry 999 to ক্র 829 at the crease.

Asus VivoBook M431 IA – Raizen 4700U, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD. Less than Ry 649, িস 599 in Caris.

Laptops (US)

Lenovo Legion 5 Gaming Laptop Bundle – Bundled with 120Hz, GTX 1660T, 10th-Gen Core i7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Razor Basilisk X Wireless Gaming Mouse and Razor Goliathus Mouse Pad. Best bought at $ 999, less than 68 1168.

We have more laptops here (and gaming desktops!) Prime Day is here.

Brother, I think it’s for now. Get ready for the tech deal on the 2nd day, and be sure to check out the extensive coverage of the Prime Day sales team Eurogamer!

If you imagine more deals, at Digital Foundry we are dedicated to the best PC deals, our favorite 4K TV deals and highlighted laptop and desktop deals.

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