TUTO Oculus Quest 2: How to force the installation of V29 firmware for the impatient!

Firmware V29 Of Quest 2 This article and through our weekly live shows that we reported brings great new features Youtube. Its release is not yet officially effective, but often, the file allowing manual updates miraculously arrived. reddit. In fact, even if we do not manipulate you if you are not an experienced user, Those in a hurry can install it manually as long as they have switched their headphones to developer mode. Follow the guide.

Also note that V29, Still does not fix the disadvantage of the possibility of adding external storage Oculus Quest 1 more 2 (Yet described in an official ceremony and online manual). Will have to wait a bit to find out if there is a problem of disconnection via cable Oculus link Resolved in those who suffer from it and see if the helmets are affected by a graphical bug House (For example, black marks instead of white) are also resolved.

If you are still in a hurry to switch V29 – We have prepared a tutorial for you.

  • Check that your headset settings contain the following information (instrument panel > Adjustment (Cog)> About): Versions “” and “SE User-15497900000000”. If not, go your way.
  • Download the following file (no file for Quest 1 for the time being) :
    1. Quest 2 : V29 – Quest2.zip.
  • Then type adb sideload update.zip And validate.

    CMD 007CMD 008

  • Message like daemon not running; tcp: 5037. Starting from now, daemon started successfully Can be displayed and the percentage of progress will follow. When finished, the last message Total Excer: 2.00x appears in.

    CMD 009

  • Wait a long time (a few long minutes) and the headset will turn on again.
  • If it takes a long time to turn it back on (at least 5 minutes), then physically shut it down by pressing the ON button for a very long time until it exits and turns it back on. .
  • When the headset restarts, it will take some time to appear in the menu, this is normal.
  • Here you are Firmware V29.

    Firmware v29 quest 2

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments, we will be happy to answer them.Oculus Quest 2 Available at Bolanger, Were Fnac, Darty From € 349.99.

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