Turkish company Pegasus Airlines has temporarily suspended flights to Russia

Pegasus Airlines announced the suspension of connections to Russia from 13 to 27 March due to “operational risks” due to sanctions imposed by Brussels.

The sanctions against Russia continue. Turkish low-cost airline Pegasus Airlines has announced a temporary suspension of flights to Russia. At the same time, the Kazakh national carrier Air Astana made the same decision.

According to press releases published on their sites, both companies made this decision because, in particular, because of uncertainties over insurance of equipment bound for Russia.

Air Astana, which operates several flights to Russia, one of Kazakhstan’s main economic partners, said it was seeking a solution to “resume flights as soon as possible”.

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For its part, Pegasus Airlines has specified that its routes to Russia will remain suspended from March 13 to 27. The Turkish company specifies that the measure is linked to “operational risks” posed by major sanctions imposed by Brussels against Russian airspace.

As a result of Western sanctions, the insurance of air carriers operating in Russia is currently not valid. To continue these activities, it is necessary to take advantage of a state guarantee that Israel has made for its companies providing flights to Russia.

The European Union, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States suspended their flights to this destination and closed their airspace to Russian aircraft, with Russia abruptly cutting itself off most of its air links. But other countries such as Turkey, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates still maintain air links to and from Russia.

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