Tunisian President Kas Said denies any talks with alleged corrupt persons – Agence Afrique

Tunisian President Kais Saied, who assumed full powers, tried on Tuesday, 14 September to ensure that he is fully in the service of the people through all his initiatives, and vowed to cooperate with those political leaders. Not the intention they are accused of. Corruption.

“Let the people be sure that I will only be at their service, I will not be at the service of those who have misused the resources of the state, I will not negotiate with them, I will not deal with thieves, agents, and traitors, who are foreign recognition.” Give money to gain and harm your country,” he said in a video posted on his Facebook page.

The head of state returned to the questions of the appointment of a new government and the reform of the constitution, which he referred to on 11 September.

If he had promised the establishment of a government “as soon as possible” after the “selection of the most honest personalities”, Kais Said said that “it is also necessary to have a concept of politics that the government would follow, in the service of the Tunisian people”. .

As for the constitution, he considered that the fundamental law was “surrounded by padlocks in the service of the mafia, which secretly controlled Tunisia, to confer a fictitious legitimacy on an illegal text”.

On 25 July, Saed decided to freeze the work of parliament, lift the immunity of deputies, and sack the prime minister, before assuming the reins of executive power for a renewable period of one month. On 24 August, he extended the period “until further notice”.

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