Tunisia: Protests resumed in Tatine to demand jobs

# Tunisia : A few dozen youths blocked roads at Tataouine in southern Tunisia on Friday to condemn the government’s broken promises, promising to provide jobs and investment.

In November 2020, Hichme Mechichi’s government struck a deal with union officials and members of a co-ordination that had blocked oil production during weeks to demand funding for this frontier region.

Three months later, nothing has been done, according to the ordination, which has revived the protest at a time when Mr. Mechichi is in full wrestling with President Cass Syed on a cabinet reshuffle.

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AFP correspondent said that the protesters burnt tires to close their shops and forced traders to close their shops to participate in the protests.

A day earlier, the military intervened to prevent a dozen members of this coordination from reaching the El-Kamour oil site, where they threatened to close a pipeline, the coordination said on its Facebook page.

This pipeline, transporting half of Tunisia’s oil production, has been blocked several times in 2017, most notably by sit-ins that turned into skirmishes with security forces.

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Tataouine has an unemployment rate of over 30%, the highest in the country, and a poverty rate of 17.8%. The health crisis that destroyed thousands of jobs has hindered asymmetrical cross-border jobs supporting many families.

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