Tunisia: Kalb Tunes condemns “political conspiracy” against Nabil Karoui while still in prison

After several months of preventive detention, which dragged on Kalb Toun’s party, on Thursday, Tunisian media scene chief Nabil Karoui was called to release and who campaigned for the presidential election in prison.

Kalb Toun, a member of the government coalition in Tunisia and who has 28 of the 217 Islamic inspiration and 54 seats for Ennahdha, the majority party, called for an end to preventive detention against his boss on Thursday.

57-year-old Nabil Karoui, who is called the boss of TV channel Nesma TV, is facing trial for money laundering. He was a finalist in the 2019 presidential election, which pitted him against current President Cass Syed.

Allegations against Nabil Karaoui fell at the same time of the presidential election and when he was given a favorite, his popularity suffered a setback when justice decided to imprison him. Yet the case followed him since 2017.

For Qalb Tounès this arrest and the case is nothing but a “political conspiracy” and recalled that his pre-trial detention exceeded the legal deadline. He was released and then arrested and has been in custody since last December.

“We call for the immediate release of Nabil Karoui and the end of political persecution and forcible detention,” party deputy Osama Khalifi said at a press conference in Parliament on Thursday.

The Liberal Party, which allies with Ennahada’s Islamists, argued that its pre-trial detention had exceeded the legal maximum of 23 days, when the law set its maximum period of 6 months.

“We are in a political fight, whose victim is Nabil Karoui, who is (…) taken hostage”, said Mr. Khalifi, while President Cass Syed accused these parties of corruption and found themselves vulnerable. The government is abysmal with Prime Minister Hikem Mechichi due to his ties.

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