Tulsa rally: Trump tempts fate while threatening protesters during outbreak

Trump is trying to shift public attention from his particularly difficult week, which includes a series of ugly bombs unearthed in a new book by former national security adviser John Bolton, who described Trump inconvenient to the White House, and two glitches for his administration are about LGBTQ rights and immigration in the Supreme Court. . Late Friday night, Trump’s attorney general tried to deploy a powerful US lawyer investigating a number of President’s partners, but the Manhattan prosecutor refused to resign.
President While an epidemic in America, an economic collapse and fierce demonstrations against racism, he sees rival Joe Biden as an aging political relic that his fans are not keen on. Trump’s campaign spokesperson told CNN that this week’s rally will inform the rest of the country “it’s time to get things moving again.”
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However, by gathering his supporters in Tulsa’s Oklahoma Central Bank arena – an indoor venue that accommodates 19,000 people, the President is diligently swimming to each of the principles that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention summarizes for human meetings. Dr. of CNN. Sanjay Gupta recorded on Friday.
Trump has long shown his disdain in science, reason and experts’ advice, especially if it contradicts his political goals. Even if he commanded the highest office in the land, he skillfully developed his image as an inside-operating stranger in the eyes of his loyal base.

Repeating the instinct of division at a time when he followed the former vice-president with double digits in national polls, Trump feared the clashes on the streets of Tulsa when he warned that protesters would not be tolerated by law enforcement in a tweet on Friday.

“Protesters, anarchists, agitators, looters or scounders going to Oklahoma please understand, you will not be treated as if you were in New York, Seattle or Minneapolis. This will be a very different scene!” she tweeted.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany insisted late Friday that when President spoke of “violent protesters, anarchists, looters,” although the President was under scrutiny to use force to push back peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square.

Health concerns abound in Tulsa

While the fiery fans of the president have been queuing for days in Tulsa, hoping to be among the candidates to enter their rally, public health officials are concerned that the rally Covid-19 may already see an increase in cases.

Claiming that the virus was “disappearing” as “in direct contradiction with the facts”, Trump said that he and his advisers initially chose the Tulsa rally region because it was a deep red state where the Republican voted. The incidence of coronavirus cases has been shown to be lower.

However, this has changed in recent weeks. CNN analysis of coronavirus data from John Hopkins University shows that the number of new Covid-19 cases is increasing every day, and Tulsa is a particular concern.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Tulsa Health Department manager Dr.. Bruce Dart said that Tulsa set a new daily record for coronavirus cases this week.

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“Let’s be clear. Anyone planning to attend a large-scale meeting will run the risk of becoming infected with Covid-19,” said Dart.

Tulsa County Commissioner Karen Keith alarmed about the scenery on the streets of Tulsa during an interview on CNN’s “Status Room” on Friday.

“Nobody wears a mask, and you know that people are escaping from all over the country – so they may be coming from hot spots,” said Keith, 60,000 people outside the city’s Arena, from CNN to Wolf Blitzer. “We love to invite people to our city, but since we’re on a sudden rise right now … it’s very hard to schedule.”

Trump’s campaign said he plans to do temperature checks and provide hand sanitizers and masks to the participants, but no one will need to wear one.

When registering for the event, rallies were asked to accept a disclaimer saying “There is a natural risk of exposure to Covid-19 in any public place where people are located.”

“By attending the rally, you and your guests will take all the risks associated with voluntary exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to manage Donald J. Trump for the President, Inc.; BOK Center; ASM Global; or any of its affiliates, any officers, employees, agents, contractors or volunteers responsible for illness or injury, “he said.

Discussions on politically masked masks made the risks of attending the rally even more dangerous. Trump never wore a public mask, and his environment in the White House was often tested and gave him an additional security measure.

But this week, he acknowledged that wearing a mask has become a politically polarized issue. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said it was possible for some people to wear a mask to show that he refused him.

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Still, when asked by Wall Street Journal reporter Michael C. Bender if he was comfortable with his supporters wearing masks on the Tulsa rally, Trump said, “Absolutely.”

“They can or can’t wear it. I want them to be happy. ”

The irony on Trump’s agenda in June 19

The president decided to engage in the country’s debates on systematic racism in the United States – instead he demanded “law and order” and issued divisive tweets, such as placing protesters like Friday’s rally in the same category as anarchists, agitators, looters. He created a separate discussion by tweeting a viral video with the doctor who was marked as “manipulated media” by Twitter and then removed.
Nevertheless, the joke on his first decision to hold a rally in Tulsa on June 19, ironically seems to have led to much more national recognition of the day when slavery ended. Amidst national protests after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police, Trump rejoined the rally, which he described as a gesture of respect to Juneteenth.

Both the Black and White leaders pleaded with Trump to change history.

This week, governors in more than half a dozen states, including Louisiana, Kansas, North Carolina, Nevada and Vermont, are taking action to commemorate Juneteenth.

For example, in Kansas, the Democratic Government, Laura Kelly, declared 19 June the National Freedom Day on Friday, 19 June. “Juneteenth is not just a day to celebrate the end of slavery,” said Kelly at a conference on Friday. “It is an opportunity to get to know the struggling history of a country, to think about our struggle to achieve true freedom for all Americans, and to continue fighting to end systemic racism.”

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Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn said on Thursday that like a few Democratic senators, he would enact laws to make the day a federal holiday.

In the Wall Street Journal’s interview this week, Trump said he made “Juneteenth so famous”.

“This is really an important event, an important time. But no one had heard of it,” he said in the interview. The minister said a young African American Secret Service agent knew what the day meant, but Trump had “no idea” political people.

At a press conference Friday, McEnany said, “Trump did not only learn about June 19 this week. This is not true.”

McEnany does not say whether the President plans to have a federal holiday in June.

CNN’s Kay Jones and Hollie Silverman contributed to this report.

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