Tuesday, November 24, Coronavirus infection rates, cases and deaths for all parts of Wales

Twenty-one more people have died in Wales after testing positive for the coronavirus, and about 60,000 new cases of the virus have been confirmed.

According to the latest figures released by Public Health Wales on Tuesday, there have been 595 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Wales – a significant drop from the 892 recorded the day before.

Inc3,6 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Wales since the onset of the disease, including Tuesday’s data, and 2,406 people have died.

The rate of infection now stands across the whole of Wales 185.3 Data released on Monday (November 20) shows the population per 100,000 based on the seven days from November 180 to November 21

Blaena Gowent Wales County remains the highest contagion rate with a seven-day rate 407.9, Down from 416.5 from the previous day.

Knight Port Talbot The second highest with the rate 284, Above 274.9, while Newport With this now the third 278.6, Above 258.

The highest number of cases in the new cases confirmed on Tuesday were Torfen with 78, Randada Sinon Taf 655, North Port Talbot 49, Napurport 446, and Swansea 42.

Other areas with new field rates are Kerfili with 36, Carmarthenshire with 32, Cardiff with 30, Bridget with 25, Flinshire with 25, Flindershire with 21, Tidfill with Merithi 19, Blaina Gowant with 18, Denbighshire with 13 and Cidergone with 10.

As of Tuesday, the list of less than 10 newly confirmed cases includes Pambroxhire and Pavis with nine, Glamorgan Valley with seven, Guinness with three and Conway with one.

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English is the only local authority that has not reported any new cases of the virus.

  • News of the death today: 21
  • Cases reported today: 595 (Monday above 892)
  • Number of tests conducted: 7,962 (down from 11,916 on Monday)
  • Total deaths in Wales with lab-confirmed coronavirus: 2,406

100,000 per case for seven days of rolling (November 15-21)

Anurin Bevan University Health Board

Belena Gowant: 407.9 (below 416.5)

Kerfili: 267.8 (above 261.8)

Monmouthshire: 153.3 (up from 145.9)

Newport: 278.6 (above 258)

Turfen: 270.3 (early 1988)

Betsy Cadwalder University Health Board

Anglesey: 27.1 (above 24.3)

Conve: 29.9 (below 35.8)

Denbighshire: 85.7 (unchanged)

Flintshire: 147.3 (up from 146.7)

Guinea: 23.3 (unchanged)

Rexham: 137.5 (up from 133.9)

Cardiff and Valley University Health Board

Cardiff: 171.2 (below 171.7)

Glamorgan Valley: 150.5 (above 147.5)

CWM Taf Glamorgan University Health Board

Bridge: 224.4 (up to 239.5)

Merthyr Tydfil: 243.7 (below 245.3)

Rhonda Sinon Tough: 267.3 (up to 264)

Hael DDA University Health Board

Carmarthenshire: 192.3 (up to 185.4)

Sardijion: 115.6 (up to 99)

Pembrokeshire: .8 66.6 (from 66 onwards)

Powers Teaching Health Board

Powers: 90.6 (below 91.4)

Swansea Bay University Health Board

Neth Port Talbot: 274.9 (above 272.8)

Swansea: 234.4 (up from 233.2)

Wales Total – 185.3 (above) 178.9)

Keep up to date with the latest coronavirus data where you live:

During a plenary session in Seneca on Tuesday, Prime Minister Mark Dreckford confirmed that the latest figures show an increase in the number of cases of 22 to 17 local authorities. A mass test pilot is already underway at Merthyr Tydfil.

Dr Giri Shankar, director of the coronavirus outbreak in the novel Public Health Well, said: “Public Health Wells is encouraging everyone who lives, works or studies at Martha’s Tidfield to join the leisure center’s mass testing service – even if they have no symptoms.

“Thanks to those who have already taken part and taken a test, it will help us break the discipline of conduct in this area. But we need to be able to test as many people in the area as we need to make the exercise as successful as possible.”

“Visit the MTCBC website for more information about test practice.

“People over the age of 11 can test without any symptoms, but children under the age of 18 need parental consent. The more people tested, the more likely we are to reduce the spread of the virus.

“People with symptoms should also be tested, but you need to book a test by calling 119 or clicking here.”

What do you think of the proposals to celebrate Christmas during the epidemic?

He added: “Public Health Wales advises the public to take personal responsibility for their actions and to make every effort to limit coronavirus transmission.

“We would like to remind everyone that the coronavirus is still active in our community and therefore does not mean that it will return to normal.

“We urge people to abide by the new rules and to limit their contact with other people as much as possible so that we can all work together to reduce the number of positive cases.

“It means staying out of the other person’s home, limiting the amount of time you spend meeting them, maintaining social distance and hand health, working from home if you can and showing signs of the virus or asking yourself Either way, do it yourself with isolated contact tracers.

“All of these measures will help break the chain of infection, reduce the spread of the virus and keep people safe.

“We understand that people will want to continue their Christmas shopping now that the fire department is off. We will try to visit the stores during off-peak hours, always maintaining a social distance and advising you to keep your face covered if you can. Options such as clicks and collections or online purchases may also be something to consider. “

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