Trump’s primary vote total exceeds previous officials

President Trump places big bets on primitive bets.

Trump, who has no serious rivals for the Republican Party nomination and high approval numbers between the rank and file of the GOP, could have traveled during the spring campaign season, as most presidents have done.

Instead, he went to 18 countries for campaign rallies and spent more than $ 155 million to collect high primary vote totals for a nomination he had no chance to lose.

“I don’t remember any undisputed primary campaign for such a president,” said Stony Brook University professor Helmut Norpoth Post. “People don’t normally count too much for an unrivaled race.”

But in 23 of the top 27 countries where President Obama ran for re-election, both this year and in 2012, Trump achieved a higher total of raw votes than Obama’s – often more than doubling or tripling his predecessor’s number. The primary vote totals also exceeded President George W. Bush in 2004.

High Trump involvement occurred not only in reliable Republic states like Montana and Arkansas, but also in deep blue castles and purple states that Joe Biden hoped to arrive in November.

In March of Michigan, Trump’s 639,144 votes overshadowed 174,054, which Obama notched in 2012. A few weeks later, Trump received 713,546 votes in Ohio – Obama’s 2012 total is more than double the 285,990.

“The sophisticated political machine built by the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign,” RNC press secretary Mandi told Merritt Post.

The campaign said it was trying to vote heavily in each primary case as a dry run for the general election engagement operation, Merritt said. This included about 45 million voter themes – more than the GOP held throughout the 2016 cycle.

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And it supports the November plans to collect Trump’s rallies, supporters’ data, and save new voters.

Norpoth, an expert in voter behavior, said that primary push has a solid psychological basis.

“If you can make people go on a principle that doesn’t even have a competition, you have tied them up,” he explained.

First of all, Trump

Unlike past presidents, Donald Trump’s campaign pushes supporters to principles, although his candidacy is in the bag. It runs a lot compared to both President Obama and Bush:

NY Post


  • Trump 2020: 616.705
  • Obama 2012: 293.914
  • Bush 2004: 158,933

Rhode Island

  • Trump 2020: 19.006
  • Obama 2012: 6.759
  • Bush 2004: 2,152


  • Trump 2020: 925.212
  • Obama 2012: 139,273
  • Bush 2004: 161.374

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