Trump’s pandemic failure now directly affects his campaign

The test results put the risk of continuing with a closed rally, where Trump’s fear of doctors turned into a super-spreading infectious event in even worse light. Also, despite Trump’s insistence that the US has already “dominated” the war, they now show how disastrous the virus, which is walking in the southern and western states, has a disastrous effect on the “Great American Return” narrative in the heart of it. It bids.

Trump continues to exacerbate it, rather than alleviating the political damage caused by the virus. On Monday, he gave a new life to the controversy from his statement on Saturday, telling his staff to test the virus slowly to avoid exploring new cases, reflecting his negligence in responding to an epidemic that has now killed more. 120,000 Americans.

Describing his word as “half tongue on the cheek”, Trump continued to argue that the problem in the United States is not that the virus is not very common, but continues to discover how deep the test has penetrated in society.

“Let’s say that instead of 25 million tests, we did 10 million tests, we would look like we were doing much better because we will have a lot less cases. You understand that. “But we’re actually doing the right thing,” said Trump.

The comments seem to reveal a new political storm that would make it more difficult for the president’s campaign team to recover after Saturday’s embarrassment. The campaign team is now considering smaller venues for the Trump events – a move that will definitely refute the commander in the ego or outdoors where the supporters can feel more comfortable.

The limits for the campaign cannot be accepted for any President who wants to be re-elected. According to Trump, his style would have been even worse, given the political identity of their big rallies and their moral-boosting role for a foreign president in Washington.

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A strong foundation

There is no doubt that when the president calls the Chinese voters coronavirus called “kung flu”, there is no doubt that the GOP senators have a firm passion for not wanting to scold him on the latest racist comment. told.

And Fox News made us think Trump’s return to securing the biggest Saturday night TV viewer in his history, and even though some Trump fans have worries about the virus, his lack in Tulsa does not diminish enthusiasm.

Trump has always challenged political gravity – and months of home orders and the impact of the crashes make it harder than usual for political analysts to firmly assess how much the country is looking at the President.

The rally debate, however, points to the more fundamental political challenges Trump faces as he tracks ex-Democratic Vice President Joe Biden at the polls and the virus tightens his grip in almost half the country.
View Trump and Biden head-to-head voting

At the event held on Saturday night, a sign was sent that the worst of the epidemic’s danger has expired and America is on its way back. Instead, he suggested that even Trump’s supporters, who chose not to appear in an indoor event at risk of infection, may not yet believe the basic message of their heroes’ campaign.

With every chance that thousands of Americans died before Election Day, Trump must face the possibility of denial of the outbreak that left the country prepared for a fatal public health crisis, and its mismanagement becoming a millstone that its campaign will never undermine. Off.

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Searing attacks

Trump is spreading new lies about foreign-backed voter fraud. this november

The president’s response to a miserable 48 hours was typical – all an attack. His targeting Biden and the Democrats showed his violent perseverance in an alarming way in his inner circle.

On Twitter, Trump launched a series of tough allegations that voting by a series of state-based postal mail, which in fact has no basis, will lead to great fraud and outside intervention in the November elections.

The President’s team followed a new attack against Biden’s health and mental faculties. They alleged that the former vice-president’s decision to remain loyal to the contract and enroll in three official presidential debates, not just the extra encounters Trump had requested in the autumn, showed that the former vice-president was afraid to accept the President. This tactic has turned into an effort to define Biden as unfavorable to serve as President – it seems that the battlefield state surveys are not going to work if anything is going to continue.

Trump also returned to the safe place where he often returned when he had political problems – a tight immigration policy signed an executive order that further restricted legal immigration.

On Tuesday, Trump will travel to Arizona to visit a section of the border wall that is very basic for addressing conservative supporters in his first presidential election campaign.

The President’s actions are aggressive gambling that can appeal to his strongest fans. Taken together with Saturday’s campaign rally, with curvy deviations, generous self-praise, ordinary racism and disinformation, it was hard to see how they would appeal to unstable voters who didn’t belong to the Trump base.
Arizona tour – While Trump will offer bait for the conservative media cheer episode, it will be overshadowed by the state’s increasingly intense war with the virus. The Grand Canyon province was among the other states won by 10 Trump, who saw the largest seven-day average new cases of coronavirus on June 21. According to Johns Hopkins University data.

When the president is out of town, two of the most important public health officials are the Director of Disease Control and Prevention Centers. Dr. Robert Redfield and the government’s most infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci is in many states to testify about an increasingly slow situation before a Assembly.

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Trump will try to put the embarrassing scenes of Saturday night behind while addressing the “Trump Students” event in Arizona.

The participants were told to bring face masks to the event, but they will not have to wear it.

Democrats are already trying to take advantage of Trump’s views on slowing down the test in Oklahoma and portray it as a symbol of a mismanaged effort to fight a virus that has caused the economy to close.

According to a pool report Monday, Biden told them to stop testing because their numbers had increased two nights ago in his fund … So, God. “

CNN’s Kevin Liptak and Kaitlan Collins contributed to this report.

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